• When: 03/05/18
  • Workout Style: BAND OF BROTHER
  • PAX: Big Mic, Nipple Shot, MyT Sharp, Duck Butter, Reef Donkey, WiFi (Respect), Immigrant, Spinal Tap, Blue Cross, Sniffer (Respect), Mahindra, Wilson,
  • AO: Back Blasts

Duck Butter gave YHC a heads up that he was putting the band back together and that could only mean one thing. I headed to Chic-Fil-A for four fried chickens and a coke and some plain white toast. It was Sunday and they were closed like the clerk of court in Cook County, Chicago.

It felt like Chicago this morning as the winds blew a steady 10-15 on the Big Rock Deck. The PAX began to gather and it looked like a manageable crowd when a white logoed limo pulled up and dropped MyT Sharp off on the red carpet curb like it was the Academy Awards. It must be nice to be an OG. I knew at that point it wouldn’t be a quiet workout. There was talk about the HC’s and how many would show up but the Band was happy to have Blue Cross back after a long hiatus. The countdown was given, mission statement and the 3 F’s and YHC called for a mosey. Reef was having none of it and demanded a disclaimer. His voice coming from behind me gaves me chills of a high school hallway. It’s like Scott Farkas calling your name to come get your punishment. Does he have yellow eyes? I didn’t want to make eye contact. Disclaimer given.


YHC led the PAX on the triangle Mosey when we were almost run down by a late Duck Butter, two burpees for the PAX and continue to the intersection halfway around. This time the PAX narrowly escaped the speeding Big Mic as he pulled into the old police station in the handicap space. F3 must stand for putting yourself first when you are 2 minutes late. The PAX waited for the short wearing BM, when out of the shadows came Spinal Tap, some things don’t change. You better schedule your surgery for 8 because he won’t show until 9. 5 burpees for everyone and Nippleshot wanted to make sure that these counted for both arrivals. Sure, why not. SSH x 30, Sun Gods x 15 each way, Abe Vigodas x 15. Mosey back to the start for Cotton Pickers x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15 and monkey Humper x 15. 5 burpees for everyone.


Curls left and right arm x 15, Shoulder press left and right x 15, Hand Release Merkins x 15. Duck was trying to get Nipple to tell us a Vegas story during the workout. YHC realized that he had his work cut out for him with Myt Sharp, Duck and Nipple sided by side. Let’s see if we can take some of their breath away. A quick mosey around the triangle and upon returning 5 burpees for all.

Rinse and repeat. YHC isn’t sure what was being said during the second round but he did remember hearing “I lost my cock ring”, “Vegas” and “NASCAR” all intertwined. At that point no one, I mean no one, was listening to the Q. Spinal Tap recognized this phenomenon and asked how it felt to be on the other side of the mumble chatter. You wear it like a badge of honor. It became a battle of wills at this point with MyT yelling you can’t break us, like I was leading a group of prisoners. Another round finished, another mosey and 5 more burpees.

Time for more mumble chatter. I would have to say it was thicker than pea soup or any other disgusting thing I could think of. Seated row x 15, Chest press x 15 and Squats x 15, mosey And 5 burpees.

Repeat exercises. Seated row, Chest press and squats x 15. There was talk, no really there was chatter, but YHC had to cadence and count in his head and couldn’t remember any of it because everyone else was waiting for the next story from the three amigos.

Taking a page out of Duck Butter’s Q he reminded us never let the PAX anticipate, so Q went left this time heading toward The Bask Hotel. Sniffer reminded the Q that the Stampede is held on Friday. The PAX did 5 burpees in the intersection and then lined up in the small parking lot for what I am now calling “The Flip Over”. We would start a bear crawl at the beginning and flip to a crab walk every two lines, going ten lines. Rinse and repeat back. Lunge ten lines. The PAX finished up with bear crawling 5 lines and then crab walk the other 5. MyT Sharp was proud to say that he forgot he was cold because it had been replaced with anger for the Q. I guess I broke him, now I should ride him hard. Mosey back to the Marlin Fountain for.

Earkins x 10, Step Ups x 10, Dips x 10 (3 Rounds) Q heard questions about changing the name of the workout since we weren’t really using the bands.

One more mosey around the triangle and back to the flag for Mary


I think MyT yelled Burgundy during the entire workout but God prepared me for this moment. He had me referee for the last 19 years and I got used to people yelling at me and having the ability to ignore them.

American Hammer x 30

WW1’s x 30

Protractor with a Hard Stop

Today’s exercises were brought to you by the number 30. The M and I will celebrate our 30th anniversary together today. I have a hard time calling her that, her name is Julie. I’m not a smart man but I began to ponder the parallels of marriage, F3 and God. All three share certain elements that make them successful or any relationship for that matter. The first and most obvious is commitment. You leave your family and become committed to each other in marriage, in F3 you are making a commitment to show up, make yourself better and encourage others and we should all have a commitment to God, to live out his plan in our lives. I do find I am never quite as committed as I should be to God. Communication is a good thing. You should be on the same page and have open dialogue about yourselves, kids or other problems with your spouse, in F3 it is essential, no one knows what they are doing if the Q doesn’t tell us, and we must communicate with God through prayer. We can’t hear if we aren’t listening. It is a sin if you are not, look up Creflo’s sermon. Love is essential in a marriage. I love my wife and I want to do things that show her that I do. I love my F3 brother but in a different way, the mumble chatter, encouragement and sharing about their lives. I love my God and like my wife, I want to live a life that pleases him. I have stepped out of line on occasion but I always know God has shown me forgiveness and grace. I thank God today for Julie, my M, my F3 brothers and Jesus Christ who died on the cross so all of us can live again.


YHC took us with special prayers for Doublemint and family. YHC challenged the group to truly make a difference in their community, no matter how small. It might be a slow change but we can do it. It might be patience in line, a smile to someone who waits on you or two dollars to a stranger. Live the third F this week.

Have a great day,

Ron Burgundy

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