Continuing a string of incredible weather days in the gloom, YHC found himself joined by some familiar faces as well as new ones. A 78 year old FNG yesterday, now known as Fonzie, ended up EH’ing a man his first day on the job! Now California resident, Chad Weatherall (sp.?) was told about F3 yesterday and posted, the day before he journeys back west. T-Claps to Fonzie for reaching out already. This man is an inspiration!

Packs on, along with the Shovel Flag and a couple of other coupons, the PAX of 5 set out towards the Boonedocks on a great conversational pace. Stopping 1/3 mile in (by CCBC) for 25 Hand Release Merkins, 1/3 mile in for 25 HRM and 25 Squats and then arriving to the Boonedocks. Here we lunged the distance of the dock, Urkins SC x 25, lunged back to the mainland and then Urkins SC x 25. All along the way, coupons were being switched off as needed.

Fonzie mentioned that he was going to leave the PAX as he knew he was getting near the end of what he could do, but YHC said that ain’t happening jack! We don’t leave the 6 behind in F3. Pillbox, Lunchbox and YHC took time during the ruck explaining to the new faces how influential F3 has been in our lives, physically and in so many other ways. Pillbox shared how important gloves were 🙂 Telling stories of being the 6 as well as helping the 6 encouraged our 78 years young brother.

Headed back towards the starting point and stopping 1/3 mile in for 25 Hand Release Merkins and 25 Squats. Stop back at CCBC for 25 HRM and then across the road towards the cars. With extra time to ruck, but knowing the condition of some of the PAX, a slow mosey took place past the cars, to which Fonzie made YHC very aware of! YHC assured him we would take it easy and that if need be, Lunchbox volunteered Pillbox to carry him. Back to the cars for 2 sets of Alternating Shoulder Taps IC x 25 for a Hard Stop.

It was cool getting to know the FNG today. Due to his love of the WAVES, YHC immediately named him Moana and that was that! Great guy and really am hoping he can get connected with F3 in Cali. Prayer requests and announcements were given and the PAX circled up for prayer by YHC. Rucking helps us as  men open up and get to know one another. One of the highlights of my week and I look forward to the opportunity to glean off of these guys every time we do. Thanks for letting me Q Buttoncap.

PS. Great line today from Fonzie when explaining his mission as he helps seniors at the Gym.

“My job is to help manage the decline” or something to that nature 🙂 You are doing a heck of a job doing that, and then some my brother!


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