• When: 11/30/2017
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp?
  • QIC: Twitty
  • PAX: Wifi, Costanza, Puddles, Graco, Bunion, Boss Tweed, Madoff, Gertrude, Dogtown, FNG Calipari
  • AO: Back Blasts, Beaufort, Dockhouse, Man-O-War

Madoff and Wifi met YHQ first followed by Gertrude and his cool new toolbox, then the rest of the PAX.  FNG Calipari had no idea what he’d gotten himself into.  Mission statement was presented flawlessly for the first time ever.  Disclaimer was forgotten, but delivered later to insure no Holiday lawsuits.

Warmarama @ Maritime Museum:

SSH IC x 20

Cotton Pickers IC x 20

Good Mornings IC x about 15 or so (inflection difficulties set in)

Sun Gods IC x 30

Stretch Left over Right/Right over Left

Burpees x 5 – for Puddles, of course.

The Thang:

Indian Run (5 pushups for last man) from Maritime Museum to da Wester’d, roundabout and back to Boss Tweed Marina.  Don’t know where the hell Dogtown came from, but his golden locks glided past as he joined the PAX as the run began.  Almost killed FNG Calipari as we hit the boardwalk, but he didn’t mind.  Gotta start somewhere.

Boss Tweed Marina for some manual labor.  3 Rounds: Paver curls IC x 15, Paver Tricep Extensions SC x 20 and Paver Military Press (Teeth Chippers) IC (for Boss Tweed) x 15.  Mosey to the Old Post Office.

Dora the Leg Destroya – partnered up to do a combined 100 squats (supposed to be Copperhead but the PAX decided to call an audible) and combined 150 lunges while alternating laps around the building.  Constanza began to question YHQ as to the absurdity of leg exercises and laps at the same time.  His comment was heard, registered and promptly ignored.  Minor confusion due to YHQ explanation of the rules, but eventually everybody figured it out.  Mosey to the Ferry Benches.

Gun Show – 3 rounds of Dips IC x 20, Urkins SC x 15, Derkins SC x 10.  Moseyed/friendly sprint back to the Dockhouse for Mary.  Inflection issues surfaced again as YHQ is not accustomed to counting to such a large crowd.  Elevated mumblechatter ensued.  Command volume sufficiently elevated.


Madoff led an extended round of Low Slow Flutter and Boss Tweed managed an LBC burnout to finish the morning.

Ran a little late this morning and some would say we ran a little too much.  Gert said something about something and Madoff decided had heard enough of that.  Dogtown took us out in true Dogtown fashion.  As always, it was a pleasure to lead and Beaufort Rules.  Welcome FNG Calipari.

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