• When: 12/13/17
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Purple Rain
  • PAX: Monkey Wrench (RESPECT), The Second Mile, Ramses, Hilary, Bayliner, Crabby Englishman, Suitcase (RESPECT), Birdman, Pineapple, Grady (Raleigh), Purple Rain
  • AO: Carteret Community College, Hole in None

YHC knew it would be cold and windy, so arrival early was important to stake out the area for wind direction and possible areas that could give some relief.  A little run around the AO to warm up and recon and I was ready to go.  The PAX start rolling in and all are waiting in their warm cars until the end.  I finally put the GHOST FLAG up and the file out of the vehicles to get started. 2 minute, 1 minute, warnings.  I was excited to see the PAX were so excited to get starte early with much chatter about just going.  I am sure that was because they were excited for my Q and not because standing around is just crazy in this weather.

Quick disclaimer and noted I would do my best to get them warmed up and we take off for a mosey towards the older buildings.

5 Burpees, Seal Claps x20 ic, 5 Burpees, Imperial Walkers x15 ic, 5 burpees, Goof Balls x15, 5 Burpees, Cotton  Pickers x15 ic, 5 Burpees.  I guess you are starting to see a pattern here with the Burpees.

Partnered up for a DORA: Partner 1 run to top of hill 2 burpees while Partner 2 does excercise and switch

Merkins x100, Shoulder taps x150, Carolina Drydocks x150, SSH x25 and we ended with 5 burpees of course.  By this time the chatter started about the Burpees especially Hilary.

We took another mosey Across campus and time for a Rack and Stack, but first new area time for 5 burpees.  Lung to each line and back pedal back adding on an additional excercise at each line, repeating each new excercise.  5 merkins, 10 shoulder taps, 15 plank jacks, 20 mountain climbers, 25 Carolina drydocks, 30 air presses.  You know the drill time for 5 more burpees.

It was time for a little Power/Partner Merkin.  partners perpindicular to each other in plank position partner 1 legs on back of partner 2, each one does 5 merkins then run to other end of parking lot switch positions and do 5 merkins come back and do 4 then 4, 3 on each end, 2 on each end, 1 on each end.  Chatter noting that this seemed pretty easy first set but wow.  Of course we need some more Burpees so 5 more.

Still got time lets mosey to the benches by the water and finish our shoulders. Dips x20, Irkins x20, Dips x15, Irkins x15, Dips x10, Irkins x10, Dips x5, Irvine’s x5 and time to mosey back to the flag.

It was time for 5 final burpees before Mary.  LBCs x20 ic, Box cutters x20 ic, X’s and O’s, Flutters x10 ic and hard stop.

Bells came to join us for announcements and prayers.  Prayers for Chainlink on VQ tomorrow and prayers for Snookie and the M with Cancer treatments and props to ENC for stepping up to minster to Snookie and his family while his M is staying in Greenville.  Led us out in prayer and got everyone to take a picture with the GHOST FLAG.

I really appreciate Gertrude allowing me to Q HIN and even on the coldest day of the year I was super excited to be here and to be here today and happy that some others showed up in this weather.  CSAUP in these conditions and I loved every minute with these men.  Being from the western end of the county do not get to spend much time with you eastern fellows and it really means a lot to be asked to Q and hang with you guys.  You are an inspiration to us western guys and can only hope that we get the numbers like you do and continue to grow closer together as you have.  Thanks

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