When Ricardo posted on Slack that he couldn’t make his Q at the Rolling Stone, YHC jumped at the chance! It had been a while, and CHS is a great AO with a ton of options.
There was an invitation posted for a standard the night before, so YHC showed up at 5:05. After running around for a while, YHC realized that I was stood-up for the standard (Misty can sympathize). No problem, that gave me a chance to do some recon before the Q.

Returning to the flag, the chatter from the pax was in full effect. After a two minute countdown, we started out with a half parking lot mosey, then circled up for warmaRama:
Hill billy X 20 IC
Mountain climber X 20 IC
Chinook X 10 IC each direction
Mountain climbers X 20 IC

Next, Onto the curb for plank step ups X 10 IC, first with the hands, then with the feet.

Mosey to the wall for some modified jack Webb: Rounds of IC 4, 8, 12, 16 alternating with donkey kicks and hand release merkins.

Mosey back to the field for inchworm burpee relay:
A variation of catch me if you can: partner 2 does 30 monkey Humpers. Partner 2 starts inchworm Burpee‘s across the field. When partner 1 finishes, they run and tag out their partner. We proceeded across the field all the way to Pasquale’s “leaning tower of Croatan”.
There was to be a second round of this, but it sucked, and the clock was ticking… Omaha!

Mosey over to the largest hill in Carteret county for another round of modified Jack Webb. This time alternating between copper head squats and tempo merkins. This led to a conversation about “who is Jack Webb?”. YHC embarrassingly enough described a different “Jack” and was quickly corrected. Then, purple rain complained about his cold hands and asked if he could stick them in the Q’s pants. That was quickly denied!, and we moved on with a run up to the top of the hill.

We partnered up again, and started an AMRAP with squats (p1), as p2 ran down the hill, across the road, five Burpee‘s, and then backpedaled up the hill. Switch out with partners, and rinse and repeat. A second round was done with AMRAP low slow flutters, as p2 bear crawled down the hill and back up to tag out their partner. Rinse and repeat. Somewhere during this part of the work out, purple rain sustained an injury to his hand. As we debated on applying a tourniquet, calling the ambulance, or helicopter medevac, he somehow got out of bear crawling down the hill. After that, his hand was miraculously better and he was able to push on to finish the work out. What a man purple rain is!!!

We then moseyed over to the bleachers. With a new partner, we performed 10 Pattycake Merkens then ran to opposite sides of the bleachers. We ran bleacher snakes up-and-down all five rows. When we met our partner in the middle, 10 more pattycake Merkens were done. We finished out on opposite sides and met back at the starting point for 10 more pattycake Merkens.

At this point, clock was running short so we mosey back to the flag. But, there was enough time to stop in the field for 15 yards of plank side-walks, five Burpee‘s, and plank side-walks back in the opposite direction. Laettner requested five more Burpee‘s, so done! Laettner is always good for suggestions of add-ons, as well as correcting the Q on as many minor details as possible. Thank you Laettner for keeping us all in check!

With a few minutes remaining, we mosey to the flag for some Mary.
30 IC Low slow flutters
10 IC J Lo’s
30 IC dying cock roach
Some number of IC pickle pounders (Too much mumble chatter for the pax to Count. Good thing Cooter was there to take up the slack!).
LBC’s until a hard stop.
Count off, name a Rama, and announcements were made.

The goal of today was a lot of variety with no coupons, and something that the non-runners would not complain about (we ended up keeping it under a mile).
It was great to see that Navy brought out his FNG 2.0 today, and we quickly realized that he was 18 years old, which means we did not have to be nice with his name. He gave us little information and would not divulge anything embarrassing. We did find out that he was from Russia, hence “Putin”. YHC took us out in prayer remembering a local family with a recent loss. We thanked the Lord for all of our blessings, this F3 thing, and prayed for strength in the future.
It’s always a pleasure to Q the Stone!


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