• When: 7/2/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Au Jus
  • PAX: Jang, Ramses, Steamer, Rooney, Subprime, Lassie, Bedsore, Bayliner, Misty, Weezer, Captain, Nemo, Deuce, Landing Strip, Suitcase, Big Mic, Winnie, Gilligan, The Second Mile, Bunyon, Au Jus
  • AO: Back Blasts, Sanitary Parking Lot, Table Setter

YHC took over the reigns of the tablesetter as site Q this am.  Having been a site Q of another site from “OFF” YHC is not attempting to change much here in Carterico.  There is nothing that needs to be made great again in Carterico.  Cartericans embrace all three F’s in F3.  However, there are 3 things that YHC would like to see improve.  One is Slack communications.  That is out of my control.  So YHC decided to work on the two aspects that I can influence, pull ups and Burpees.    With that said this week is like my Super Bowl.  There are very few things YHC likes better than celebrating this great nation.  I decided to lead the PAX on a mini Murph to get the week started right.

YHC fumbled through the required mission statement in Carterico and we began.



10 Arm Circles forward and back IC

20 Cotton Pickers

20 Willie Mays Hays

20 MTN climbers

20 Merkins IC


The Thang

We started off with a mile long Indian run to Shevans Park

We did 5 pullups, 10 merkins and 15 squats x 10


Luckily the park is surrounded by 4 intersections with a stop sign.  Being from Chapel Hill, another thing YHC loves almost as much as America is “4 Corners”

We did 5 burpees on corner #1, 10 burpees on corner #2, 20 burpees on corner #3, 10 burpees on corner #4


To complete the Murph we completed the Indian run back.  YHC heard some mumblechatter asking for a break so we stopped once along the way for 5 more burpees and 20 dips


Mary led by Jang

30 IC flutter kicks

20 Box cutters

20 rosalitas




Announcements:  There will be a convergence July 4th somewhere

Big Mic celebration of 12 months sobriety.  We are proud of you Big Mic.  You are a great leader in this community.



For Jang’s wife and Dipper’s sister as they open a new business in MHC.  Prayers for all traveling.


It was an honor and privilege to lead this am.   Thanks to Subprime, Captain, and Weezer for coming over.    Without Subprime I wouldn’t have found F3 and I am grateful for his leadership not only as my boss but as my F3 brother.

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