• When: 02/15/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Madoff
  • PAX: Hillary, Pasqually, Denver, Pocahontas, Bayliner
  • AO: Back Blasts, Swashbuckler

55° greeted the core Swash pax as they stepped from their vehicles this halcyon morning. 5 men resisted Gert’s siren song of free coffee to partake of what YHC had to offer. 0530 evoked utterance of the 3Fs, mission statement and disclaimer, and pax filed off toward front parking lot, sans (Twitty’s word) Dipper, who was felled by an oyster, or the AFLAC flu, for:


Seal Jack IC x 20, mosey to track for Cotton pickers IC x 10, 1/4 lap then Windmill IC x 10, 1/2 lap then L/R, R/L, 1/2 lap then Hillbilly IC x 15

Mosey to Western practice field, team up in transit for:


Line up across goal line, Bear Crawl to 1st cone, Bropee x 5. Lt Dan to 2nd cone, Booya Merkin x 10 (Denver fav). Lunge to 3rd cone, Plankjack x 15. Bear Crawl to 4th cone, WW1 x 20. Lt Dan to 5th cone, Wojo squat x 25. Sprint back to starting goal line. Rinse and repeat. Pasqually suggested modification of a High Five with your partner at top of Wojo Squat was fully implemented during 2nd round.

Mosey to bench in front of Visitor Bleacher for:

Thang 2

Dip IC x 20, Irkin IC x 15, Derkin SC x 15. Mosey to Home side bench:  Dip IC x 10, Irkin SC x 10, Derkin SC x 10. Mosey behind Home bleachers, east end for:


Find a crossbar under bleachers for Partner Pull-ups:  Overhand x 10, swap, Underhand x 10, swap. 2 rounds

Mosey back to Virtual Shovel Flag for:


LSF IC x 20, LBC IC x 20, Hillary’s Xs & Os, American Hammer IC x 15 (Q exhaustion)

Namearama executed, Friday workouts announced, followed by prayer requests:

David Hesmer

Catherine Parker

Buddy Davis (Dipper’s Dad)

COT formed with YHC thanking God for giving us all the ability and desire to get up and participate, and asking God for strength to become better husbands, sons, and fathers.

Strongest thanks to each man of F3 Carterico for allowing the Madoff to share a part of your life!


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