• When: 12/01/2018
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Madoff and Puddles
  • PAX: Frosted Flake, Baby Weight, Suitcase, Newman, Lassie, Shroom, Gerturde, Xbox, The Second Mile, Rooney
  • AO: Back Blasts, Hero Patriot, Morehead City

Ten Pax joined YHC and Madoff on a clear and fairly warm Saturday morning for a little HP beatdown.  A few days ago Holiday Mansion posted that he needed a Q for the HP.  With no takers, he issued a more urgent plea at Sweet Beans on Friday morning.  YHC asked Madoff if he would like to Co Q. He quickly agreed and Reef spoke up and said he would help so Bam! we had a threesome. YHC had recently Tri-Qed the HP with Monkey Wrench and Gert and really enjoyed it.  After chatting briefly with Madoof and Reef the night before, we had the bases covered and the three of us were ready to go.  And then…..YHC’s phone starting peeping around 6 a.m. Saturday morning with a message from Reef informing us that he was sick and had been up most of the night battling a virus and had to withdraw from his earlier commitment to Tri Q. After wishing him a speedy recovery YHC arrived at the AO, had a brief discussion with Madoff and we modified our plans in order to fill the hour with a solid workout. YHC took the first half and it went kinda like this:


L/R and R/L 10 each leg S/C
SSH 15 I/C
Mtn Climbers 15 I/C
Down dog to up dog and back OYO
Sun Gods 10 forward and reverse I/C
Stretch as you please for 30 seconds.

Off to the track for a one lap warm up mosey.

Indian Run for one lap with the last man in line doing 4 Merkins before sprinting to the front. Omaha after the second man came through to 3 Merkins.
Everyone went once and then we partnered up for some partner wheel barrow’s up the home stands. Partner A climbed the bleachers by hand and both men walked down the stairs then up went Partner B to the top with both men walking down.

Mosey to the football field and line up on the goal line for a Burpee Countdown. 10 Burpees and sprint to the 50. 9 Burpees sprint back. 8 Burpees sprint etc. until you were down to 1 and a final sprint back to the goal line.

One minute plank hold then the same format as the Burpee Countdown but substituting WW1’s for the Burpee.

YHC turns it over to Madoff. Mosey to Xbox’s hang out, (whoops, hope Crabby isn’t reading this) underneath the bleachers on the home side of the field. Partner up for 10 pull-ups overhand, switch and do 10 underhand for two rounds. Mosey to dip bars. 10 dips for each partner. Wind through campus to dip bench for 21 dips I/C and 20 derkins S/C. Perambulate…Madoff’s word …(It’s a real word apparently….”walk or travel through or around a place or area, especially for pleasure and in a leisurely way.)” back to the stands, rinse and repeat.

Wind through campus again and head for the flag and some Mary which included LBC, LSF, Hello Dolly, Rosalita, Freddie Merc’s, American Hammer and Russian Twist.

Prayer request for Lassie’s brother and Frosted’s father.

Announcements: Christmas party Saturday Dec. 15 at Crystal Coach Brewery in MHC.
Ruck earlier that day, time TBA. Ruck is Family friendly.

Madoff took us out.

We certainly hated that Reef could not join us as planned but he’s feeling better now and is ready to go this week!

Thanks for the Co Q Madoff, it was lots of fun.

As usual it was a pleasure for us both to lead.


Puddles & Madoof

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