• When: 8/17/18
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Navy
  • PAX: Couch Potato (respect), Purple Rain, Navy (respect)
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion

YHC has been taking some grief from some of the PAX for packing in more distance each time he Q’s. YHC realized that if he was going to grow as a leader he needed to figure out different methods of bringing the heat other than just running more.  Consequently, YHC studied the master’s (lunchbox & snooki) to come up with a “snooki approved” beating with minimal distance and maximum effect.

YHC used google earth to complete a little electronic recon yesterday and was on site early this morning to check out the plan he worked out.  Everything checked out as the PAX began to arrive.  Lucky for me, Purplerain and CouchPotato were as good as their HC’s or YHC would have been all alone.

After the fist bumps and briefest of mission statements we were off for a rolling warmarama.

We started with the box drill using the parking lines as our boxes.  Sprint forward, shuffle to the right, backpedal through the next space, shuffle right, sprint forward and repeato to the end of the parking lot. We completed to rounds after which we circled, I mean triangled up and completed the following:

Calf stretch 10 count OYO, Merkins Dog (10 merkins, down dog, cobra, 10 merkins), Cotton Pickers x 10 IC, Imperial Walkers x 15 IC.  It was at this point that the three assembled PAX suffered a vicious attack from Lu Lu.  Lu Lu, a very aggressive “tea cup” dog with an intimidating and unrelenting “yip, yip”, was not happy that we had invaded her usually quiet early morning walk through the park.  She escaped her apologetic owner and we spent the next few minutes helping corral the beast until the owner could regain control of the situation. Then we were off to the running path to begin out HITT circuit work.

First stop was a line of 18 evenly spaced trees along the running path. We completed a Merkin/Monkey Humper ladder starting at tree #1 – 1 Merkin, tree #2 – 1 Monkey Humper, Tree # 3 – 2 Merkins, Tree #4 2 Monkey Humpers – repeato to the end.  Did I mentioned that we bear crawled in between trees the whole way?  Total of 45 merkins and 45 humpers.  Short recovery mosey to the pavilion.

Second stop, pavilion of pain for some picnic table work.  Dips IC x 10, Bench Squats, SC x 10, Step Ups, IC x 10.

Third Stop.  Short mosey to the playground for a six pack.  A six pack is just like 7’s according to the exicon. We did merkins and pull ups. (total 15 merkins, 15 pull ups)

Fourth Stop.  Short mosey to the bath house for the wall of fire.  Peoples chair but instead of a 10 count, pax took turns doing 10 merkins.  We did two rounds since there were only 3 of us. (total 20 merkins)

Fifth Stop.  Short mosey to the next corner on the running path for a monkey humper ladder.  We went down the line with each PAX completing 1, then 2, then 3, etc to 10.  (total 55 monkey humpers).

Sixth stop.  Short mosey to the next corner for the thigh master single count x 10 each side.  Leg’s now thoroughly smoked we slow mosey to the rec center for…

Seventh stop.  Wall of fire again.  Peoples chair with two rounds of 5 merkins each (total 10 more merkins).  Then we mosey to the center of the field for the capstone drill.

Eighth stop.  THUNDERSTUCK.  YHC turned up the volume on the bluetooth speaker to treat the PAX to some AC/DC.  Every time the PAX heard the word “thunder” or “thunderstruck” we performed a merkin.  We moved through various plank positions while waiting for the keywords.  (total another 30 “ish” merkins).

With time running low YHC had a decision to make.  Should we move to the flag for an extended Mary or see how many more stops we could get in.  I looked at the two strong souls with me in the gloom and the choice was immediately clear.  Back to the circuit we went.

We got in one more circuit of the Box drill, and Stops 1 through 3 with a slight modification on # 3 for time.  Back to the flag for a two minutes of superman compliments of Couch Potato to a hard stop.

All told YHC counted about 185 merkins, 40 dips, 205 humpers/squats/thighmasters/step ups, 20 pull ups and a sprinkling of other fun stuff while only covering 1.25 miles.  YHC doesn’t know how the other PAX feel, but he is smoked.

It was a great morning with two great guys.  We had fun, survived an animal attack, and got in a good workout.  YHC took us out in prayer.

As always, I am honored and humbled by the opportunity and blessing leading provides.  Thank you for trusting me with the keys to the wrapper purplerain!


Navy, Out.

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