• When: 03/28/2018
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Dancehall
  • PAX: Pedro (respect respect) Sniffer (respect) MyTsharp, Immigrant, Nippleshot, Misty
  • AO: Morehead City, Tinkerbells

Being today is my birthday, YHC felt lead to Q the Tinkerbells. YHC arrived to the AO for a cool yet beautiful Carterico morning. It was nearing time to start and YHC started to think it may just be himself and Pedro ( don’t threaten me with a good time). The crowd rolled in as the 4,3,2,1 Hard Start called.

I promise for anyone listening that YHC rehearsed the mission statement, but it came out of my mouth like word salad! Thankfully my brothers helped out. Disclaimer was given and we started out our sweat session

Mosey around the triangle block

Cotton pickers IC
Sun gods IC
Abe Vagoda’s IC
Hillbilly’s as previously stated, IC

The Thang
R/L bicep curl x20 then x10
R /L shoulder press x10
Triceps press x10
R/L bent row x10
Upright row x10

40yd Lt Dan  then mosey back
Rinse repeat 2 more times. At the first time doing 40 yd Lt Dans, I forgot that I intended for us to carry our kettlebells. Thankfully, Nippleshot reminded me and we did the 2 other times.

Somewhere inbetween all of this a man came running through the waterfront area. He was scantily clad and shirtless with a body paint #metoo across his chest  As he came closer and zoomed through, we recognized it to be Misty! Someone asked if the Hole in none had made it all the way down here?! As fast as it happened it was over and we were back to the work

On to the fountain for erkins and dips x multiple different counts. I think it was like 60 or so erkins and 30ish dips.

Then one more round of:

R/L bicep curl x10
R /L shoulder press x10
Triceps press x10
R/L bent row x10
Upright row x10

And one more 40 yd Lt Dan with a mosey back


After all the Lt Dans, a good stretch was in order.
Cotton picker
R over L
L over R
American hammer

Hard stop
Prayers for Nipples agent
Immigrants mom in law

Sniffer took us out in prayer and it was like he was meant for the gospel.

I’d like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and the Pax that came to celebrate my birthday Q. As I hit 40, I think about how great it is that I made it this far in life. I’m thankful that I found a crazy group of awesome men and community leaders to share the gloom with, all in the name of improving ourselves and each other.

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