When Lunchbox was looking for a Q earlier in the week of coarse I volunteered. Stole a great idea from a Backblast earlier in the week knowing it would be a crowd pleaser. Rolled in a little early to set up a come or two and to set a cornhole board. The PAX started rolling in and realized I forgot my watch. Blart helped me out with the countdown but that was reallly all the help I would get with time other than hearing Hard Stop about a dozen times! Mission statement and disclaimer and it was wararama

cotton Pickers

sun gods

imperial Walkers all 15 IC

Short mosey to the corner of the parking lot for a little more

air press

mountain climbers both 15 ICish

a little mosey around the back of the lot and gather at the cornhole board for

each pax would throw one bag: miss the board= 5 Burpees, land on the board = 20 Merkins, in the hole = free pass for now

aftrr the first couple bags were thrown I knew this was going to suck way more than I thought!! This group of PAX CANNOT play cornhole!! I don’t know if I would consider this  mumblechatter because it was downright right mean and relentless!!😂😂 This pleased me very much!! So round 2 I changed it up since everyone was complaining and asking for different exercises plus no one could hit the board. So next round was miss the board 20 Merkins and land on the board 5 Burpees  Careful what you ask for!!!

after an ungodly amount of Merkins and Burpees we moseyed to the far corner of the park. Here it was pax all plank while one completes 2 pull-ups and switch until have done pull-ups  mosey to first come for 100 Lbcs then second cone for 100 Freddy Mercury’s  back to start for round 2 except this time 50 count of LBC and Freddy Mercury’s after the round of pull ups  only 2 rounds because out of 30 or so thrown bags only 2 went in!!

Mosey to the bleachers for a round of

30 dips, 30 Erkins, 30 Derkins

mosey to the flags for some Mary PAX choice

annoncements were given. Cooter on the Q for GreenMile and Boonedocks as he prepares for the crap storm of mumblechatter he will receive for missing the Sasquatch.  Glad you were hear Cooter!!!  Prayer request and Cooter took us out.

I do enjoy leading F3 and I get excited just anticipating the complaining and mumblechatter that comes with my workouts. Which is fair because I complain ALOT at other  workouts 😂 Thank you all who posted today! Was not expecting the amount of pax due to vacations and the Sasquatch and thank you for all the “love” that was expressed during this hour we spent together!!




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