• When: 11-27-17
  • Workout Style: BANDS WITH SOME
  • PAX: Sniffer (Respect), Creflo Dollar, Valdez (Respect), Wilson, Spinal Tap
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC got a last minute call from Devlin who is still nursing an injury, to Q. YHC was glad to help, plus it would force me to overcome the Monday morning fartsack. YHC knew he wouldn’t see Monkey Wrench as YHC called for a gloves on workout at his house the previous day. Who would have thought making a Christmas tree fit inside your house could be harder than an F3 workout? You knew I had to work Monkey Wrench into my write up. YHC arrived on scene to find two mystery vehicles running. This was a good sign because he knew he wouldn’t be alone. The 5 minute alarm was called and Wilson and Valdez emerged from the warm confines to be greeted with the cool crisp morning. We wondered if this was going to be it for the morning when Sniffer and Creflo Dollar rolled up about the same time. YHC was hoping for more but I guess many PAX members are comfortable wearing sweat pants the rest of their lives and living on the couch. 1 minute warning and time to go, mission statement and disclaimer given and we were off.


Mosey from Big Rock landing around the triangle block stopping halfway for SSH x 20, Sun Gods x 10 each way, Windmills x15. We began to mosey to the other half when we ran into a shadowy figure on the street corner. We were not sure if the PAX was going to be mugged or propositioned, turned out neither, Spinal Tap had come to join the party. 5 burpees for Spinal Tap being late and continue on to BRL for cotton pickers x 15, Imperial walkers x 15 and monkey humpers x 15


Grab your bands for curls right and left x 15, squats x 15, shoulder press x 15 right and left, seated row x 15 followed by a mosey around the triangle block (3 rounds). YHC reminded the PAX that the resistance should go both ways and it is not a race. Let the bands work. YHC did take the opportunity during one of the mosey’s to ask Spinal Tap if he was going to get a watch for Christmas? He said no because he had been up since 4:30 and lost track of time. Do you believe me, he asked, NO, no I don’t.

To the tables for dips x 15, step ups x 15, earkins x 15 (3 rounds) the last round ended in a mosey around half the triangle so we would have time for Mary


American Hammers x 20, LBC’s x 20, WW1’s x 20 Hard Stop

YHC was glad to be back with his fellow men, especially after a four day eating binge. Big Rock seems a little bit further than it use to, since YHC has been hitting the Knarr but a little time is always worth the PAX’s effort. YHC was glad to meet Valdez and have him part of the PAX and see the improvement in Wilson and Sniffer.

Spinal Tap took us out in prayer that might put Creflo out of a job. Do you think we can get him a guest appearance in pulpit some Sunday? mmmmmmmmmmm We shall see.

YHC,   Ron Burgundy



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