A Pax of 9 decided to show up to the latest edition of The Swashbuckler.  Old man Winter wanted to hijack the Q but YHC wasn’t having it.  This was the AO that the ball snipped Duck Butter founded, and as his tour guide through life, ole Steam wasn’t going to let a 25 mile an hour North wind that was creating a wind chill of about absolute zero stop this crowd.  As an aside, as Misty and I were cruising to the AO at around 0459, what in our wondering eyes do appear, but the sight of Frosted Flake in a nomad Standard coming in fast from his humble abode by hole #4.  As quick in wit as he is on his feet, Misty reroutes the Standard to head down Country Club to bring in our boy!  T claps Frosted.  So once back where a shovel flag should be 🤫, YHC welcomed, missioned, and mosey’d to a warmed confine on the south side of the school for:

Warm a Rama:

SSH IC x 25

Sun Gods IC x 10, low squat hold reverse x 10

Cotton Pickers IC x 11

Burpees OYO x 5

Hand Release Merkins IC x 11

Copperhead Squats IC x 11

Once properly half frozen, we long mosey’d to the track for some 11s.

The Thang:

11s Burpees/ Hand Release Merkins

Partner up, start with 10 Burpees and 1 Hand Release Merkin, run in opposite directions on the track, meet up on the opposite side, ie 200 m away for 9/2, repeat the fun to 1/10.  Once done we mosey’d to the pull up bars for some Partner Dora:

50 reps of exercises while the partner runs around the outside classroom building.  The exercises were:

Double wide Merkins

Star Jumps

Peter Parkers


Once complete we mosey’d to the south to the front of the school for:

Double Merkin Burpees x 10 OYO

Mosey to the church parking lot for:

Booyah Merkins SC x 15, LSF IC x 30.

Mosey back for a lap around the west side lot and back to the “shovel flag” for


YHC was given a 2 minutes warning so we banged out:

Russian Hammer IC x 30

Xs Os briefly


Stampede tomorrow with Crabby, Blart has the Q at the #, and Alan has the Rucky Duck.  Prayers for the Nobles family due to the sudden passing Hamilton, someone that many of us knew personally.  Prayers for Shroom’s buddy battling cancer. YHC took us out in prayer and is grateful for the opportunity the lead!

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