• When: 04/30/2018
  • Workout Style: BAND OF BROTHER
  • PAX: Wilson, Immigrant, Dance Hall, Duck Butter, Reef Donkey, Wifi (Respect), Blue Cross, Bambard
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC arrived to find the waterfront empty and was wondering if the AO had been changed. It seemed to be a theme of late with the Stampede on Friday and Table Setter today. Slack was already full of HC’s and word that the mumble chatter was going to be thick. This was enough to cause YHC a restless night and the reason for getting up early. Slowly the PAX rolled in and the countdown started. Duck joined us in classic precision with about one minute to spare. This was a good sign for YHC, with only one of the gifted mumble chatters in the house, it might be a manageable Q. The last time YHC had bands, Duck Butter, Nipple shot and My T Sharp filled the air with tales only a sea captain could imagine or someone who just returned from Vegas. The 3 F’s were given and the mission statement and we were off.


Mosey around the triangle fountain and stop for SSH x 20, Sun Gods x 15 each way and Windmills x 15. There were already calls for cotton pickers from the PAX but YHC knew to stick with the plan. It is always a battle of wills. Mosey around the fountain and stop for Cotton Pickers x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15. Of course, this is the time that Duck always ask for directions. YHC refused to answer and gave a stiff explanation why. Duck would some serious directions, more on that later. YHC was then accused of being a mad elf at which I threated the PAX with my hammer. Monkey Humpers were called for and Reef was quick to object stating that “Monkey Humpers are not a warm up exercise.” I’ve been married a long time so I just pretended I didn’t hear him.


On the cutting board for Curls x 20 each arm SC, Squats x 20, Staggered Shoulder Press x 20 each arm. Duck Butter for some reason thought doing shoulder presses reminded him of concerts of yesterday. He banged out a very slow rendition of Juke Box Hero by Foreigner. I’m sure if he had a lighter he would have held it up.

Curls x 15 SC L&R, Squats x 15, and Shoulder Press x 15

To the tables for Dips x 20 IC, Step Ups x 20 IC, Earkins x 15 SC and Box Jumps

Palate Cleanser around the fountain.

Fly x 20, American Hammer w/ band x 20, Blue Cross said the only reason we did it that way was to make him keep his feet off the ground. Fly Chest x 20….Rinse and Repeat x 15

Tables for Dips, Step Ups, Earkins and Box Jumps

Palate cleanser around the fountain

Back on the bands for The Twist x 15IC. I would like to pause and talk about our AO. The waterfront is one of the most beautiful AO’s we have. It has everything you would want in an AO. It has wide open spaces, tables, great view and most important…..OPEN BATHROOMS. Yes, during our twist exercise Duck Butter realized he wasn’t going to make it and started asking for bathroom directions. Reef was on point with accuracy and knowledge. Bathrooms across from the Carolina Princess are open. Duck said earlier he ran the fastest mile in his life this weekend. I think he just ran his 100yd dash. On with workout with one band laying in remembrance.  Row x 15 each arm and Chest Pull x 15 SC. Rinse and repeat doing 10.

Table work Dips, Earkins, also the return of Duck Butter, Step Ups and Box Jumps x 15,

Palate Cleanser around the fountain


LBC’s x 25 IC Duck Butter was concerned about the seagulls. He believes he might have left some scent on his sleeve from his bathroom break. He could see the seagulls circling and ready to dive. They didn’t.

X’s and O’s

WW1’s x 20

Protractor until a Hard Stop was called


Five workouts for sure tomorrow check Slack.

Prayers for Reef Donkey who needed 24 hours of calm. Bambard’s son who turned 15 and is behind the wheel. YHC took us out praying for all and especially our children and the world they are facing.

I see the importance of Q’ing and building leadership. You need to be able to execute a plan all while observing the PAX and being flexible. You need to be ready for an emergency, to pick up the six, give encouragement or directions to the bathroom. Some things are out of your hands but as Nippleshot and Villa would say, It is about location, location, location.

YHC-Ron Burgundy

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