• When: 07/30/18
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Birdman, Newman, monkey wrench (respect), Smokey, squid, Griswold (QIC)
  • AO: Ft. Benjamin Park, Knarr

The good Lord our God created all things. As humans, we can see purpose and most things that He created. The purpose of rain is obvious, but lightning… not so much. Lightning has the power to start forest fires, but it’s greatest power of all is to keep F3 Pax in the fart sack.

After getting drenched in the pouring rain between my front door and the truck in my driveway, I hydroplaned my way down Highway 24 towards the swamp of Newport. YHC honestly thought I would be by myself this morning. I was debating on running by myself in the rain, or sitting in my truck sipping coffee and listening to 90s grunge rock. To my surprise, I pulled in to see pax wandering around the parking lot at Fort Benjamin. The rain had lightened up, so after a 2 minute countdown we moseyed around the building and under the overhang for a little Warmarama. We completed 15 IC windmills and mountain climbers, Followed by downward dogs, upward dogs, and calf stretches. Next was 15 Single leg bridges each leg and active hamstring stretching.

With the rain coming down, we stayed under the roof and each pax found a line on the concrete. Holding an Al Gore, we did about 20 squat jumps wide and narrow. Next was forward/backwards line jumps for 30 seconds, ski jumps for 30 seconds, and single leg line jumps for 30 seconds each leg. With the quads already burning, we switched to an extended Jack Webb of 1 to 4 count of hand release Merkens and IC air press. After getting to 10 lC hand release Merkens and 36 IC air presses, the moaning and groaning was getting thick. The rain had lightened up again so we ran another lap around the building and the parking lot to the picnic shelter.

With each man facing a bench, we started with 15 IC step ups and 30 seconds AMRAP step taps. Rinse and repeat. Next was a set of 11s starting with 10 box squats (Ass must touch the bench), Step up and over the picnic table to the grass, and one IC prisoner up.  With the quads on fire, we finished up the 11s and started another set of 11s with urkins, a run from one picnic shelter to the other, and IC low slow flutters. We repeated this pattern until a hard stop.  YHC was happy that the rain had lightened up so that we could do the run between the shelters, Because of up to this point, this was the lowest mileage Q I’ve ever done.

We sprinted back to the flag and had 30 seconds to squeeze in AMRAP monkey Humpers to polish off the quad burn. 

Six pax counted off. There were no announcements besides tomorrow’s workouts, and YHC took us out in a brief prayer.

Again, YHC cannot express how pleased I was to see six men show up in Newport with the weather conditions today. Despite with the radar look like, I don’t think we ever felt any concerns with lightning in the vicinity. It was also great to see Smokey back out after a couple months off, and pushing himself through to the finish.

I hate that you were DR today Buckeye and Ricardo, but I appreciate the opportunity to Q the knarr. With three or four shelter options, it’s a great AO on a rainy day.


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