• When: 3/10/16
  • Workout Style: Hero Patriot
  • QIC: Hillary
  • PAX: Plunger, Second Mile, Winnie the pooh, Jang, Roonie
  • AO: Hero Patriot

Six of us were in attendance for the Hero.  Jang used the first 20 minutes to warm up for his 5k. A quick disclaimer was given and were off.


SSH x 20

Sun god X 10 each direction

Cotton picker slow x 10

Yoga–sun salutation

The thang

To the track for some running. Lap one, sprint the corners, and jug the straight aways.  Rest in down dog.  Rinse and repeat.  Next lap 705 pace, which is the pace Misty runs a marathon.  Next lap to see Jang off was 745 pace.  One more lab and over to the Tires.

Tire flips, overhead presses, jump in and out of the tires.  Next run with the tires over to the bleachers.  Step ups, bleacher snakes, overhead presses, and run up the bleachers 3 times.  Back to the track for a 100 meter race with the tires.  Drop the tires off and back to the parking lot.


1 minute LSF, 1 minute LBC, 30 seconds LSF, 30 seconds LBC, 2 minutes of some yoga

YHC took us out.  It was a pleasure to lead.

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