• When: 11/16/18
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Navy
  • PAX: Purplerain, Griswold, Pillbox (Respect), Princess, Dumpster Dawg, Navy (QIC)
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion

YHC arrived early at the AO to find Purplerain heading out on a standard.  After a friendly welcome from Purplerain, things started going downhill.  Most of the AO was under water and unusable from the recent rains.  The fields, playgrounds, running paths, just about everything that YHC was planning to use.  Let the Omahas begin.

We started with some box drills using the parking lines to get warmed up followed by high knees, carioca, toy soldiers and butt kickers up and down the parking lot.  Warmorama continued with Morracan Night Clubs, Cheech Slap Fights forward and reverse, seal jacks, imperial walkers, and goofballs (now, aka “Dumpsterdawgs”) all IC.

Then we moseyed to the Boulevard of Broken Dreams (“BBD”) for something I’ve been wanting to try.  YHC called it the Indian Bear Crawl 4x4x4.  Basically the PAX all line up single file and start 4x4x4’s.  Last man peels off and bear crawls to the front.  The plan was to continue this evolution down the whole length of the BBD until the end. After the first round YHC realized this was gonna be miserable so, Omaha.  Switch to LBC’s next round, Supermans next round.  Its not often YHC gives up on an exercise but it turns out this new one was a little like communism…looks good on paper but doesn’t work all that well when you actually try it.  We didn’t make it to the end of the BBD before YHC called for a mosey.

For a little fun along the way we ran up the playground fort and went down the slide.  The PAX continued over the river and through the mud to the bleachers for another new exercise YHC dubbed the “sideclap stair derkin”.  PAX lined up in the merkin position with feet on the ground in front of the bleachers.  The exercise is just like the alternating shoulder tap except you reach your arm back and slap your side.  Griswold changed it up a little and started slapping his six while he told everyone it reminded him of a Saturday night at his house.  Anyway, we did 10 IC then moved our feet to the first seat on the bleachers for 10 more IC, move feet to the second seat for 10 more IC, back down to first seat and finally on the ground again with 10 more IC at each level.  The reviews were a little better on this new one and Purplerain explained that when he said, “that’s a good one” that means “it sucked.”

Mosey to the parking lot in front of what my Hispanic friend tells me is the most authentic Mexican restaurant in the area for a little exercise YHC pulled from the Exicon called “Three Amigos”.  PAX split into groups of three.  Each trio put their backs together, squat down and then while in that position race to the end of the parking lot.  (Note to self: In the future make sure groups have PAX of similar height.  Dumpster Dawg and Purplerain had to squat but Pillbox was standing up straight as they moved down the parking lot.)

Mosey down the front of the shops along Hwy 24 on our way to the far side of Walgreens.  Along the way we stopped at a knee wall dividing the parking lots for two rounds of Rocky Balboa’s x 10 IC.

When we reached the Walgreens it was time for a reboot of the new ménage à trois exercise YHC used at the Boondocks earlier in the week. Using the same groups of three, Partner 1 would start in BTW, Partner 2 in the plank, Partner 3 would complete an exercise using Partner 2.  Rotate through until all three partners had completed the circuit.  First time through P1 BTW while P3 would complete 25 derkins with his feet on top of P2.  Second time through P1 Peoples Chair and 25 squats where P3 held P2’s legs “wheelbarrow” style.  Third time through P1 Peoples Chair and P3 did 25 curls holding P2’s legs wheelbarrow style.  In between each set we did a lap around the Walgreens building.  (Note to self: In the future during the run portion of this exercise don’t fall off the curb, turn your freaking ankle, go down hard and cry like a baby in front of the PAX.  It undermines your authority as the Q)

Mosey back to the flag for some dealer’s choice Mary.  We started off with LBC/LSF combo, heels to heaven, birdman crunch, box cutters and finished out with ABC’s.

Announcements – Griswold on the Q at FOD tomorrow.  Prayers were requested for Crabby Englishman’s family, Holiday Mansion’s M and Griswold’s church family.  Purplerain did a beautiful job taking us out in prayer.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead Dumpster Dawg.  Thanks for the offer of an ambulance ride Pillbox.  Thanks for the diagnosis and treatment information Griswold.  Thanks for the unwavering encouragement and enthusiasm Princess.  Thanks to all the PAX present for bearing with YHC and helping him finish out this Omahafest of a Q.


Navy, Out.

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