• When: 02/01/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Duck Butter
  • PAX: Lassie, The Second Mile, Gertrude (Respect), Snowflake, Pastor Cleaver, Pasqually (OG), Doogie (Respect), Honky Tonk, Pocahantes, Steamer, Shroom, White Boots, Denver, Puddles (Respect), Plunger, Blue Cross, Duck Butter
  • AO: Swashbuckler, West Carteret High School

When I got started in this thing of ours almost 2 years ago, I was a tub of crap.  Lucky for me, F3 found me when I needed it most.  I am one of many transformation projects F3 Carterico has produced.  The level of physical fitness of our PAX is pretty dang remarkable.  For me personally, I was a founding member of the Fat PAX.  We were the jovial flesh anchors that provided 10 counts for everyone else in the “Good Ol’ Days.”  As we pushed and were pushed, we got better, faster, and stronger.  If you missed some time and came back it was a little intimidating, because “the Pax had gotten faster.”

No doubt it is a natural progression.  You work hard, you get better.  You run far, you run farther.  You run fast, you run faster.  You do a bunch of burpees, you…well, no they suck regardless.  At my best, I worked myself hard enough to be towards the front sometimes.  But then I got hurt.  And then I got my nuts cut off.  And then I got sick.  And quite honestly I got lazy.  But moreover, I got embarrassed.  My ego didn’t recover like everything else.  I wasn’t what I was in May.  And this my friends has been my focus for about a month.  I wasn’t what I was a year ago.  I’m chasing everybody.  I’m the six a lot.  But what I failed to recognize, is that I also wasn’t what I was two years ago, or four years ago.  I have been so hypocritical that I am ashamed of myself.  In the past, I have gladly circled back for the six so many times.  I have never wanted anyone else to feel bad for being in the back.  But here I am, selfishly not showing up because I don’t want to be that guy.  I didn’t want someone to circle back for me.  There’s nothing wrong with “that guy.”  “That guy” is doing his very best.  “That guy” is lapping the guy on the couch.  “That guy” quit making excuses and started making a difference.

So here I am.  I am embarrassed for not practicing what we’ve preached.  For those of you that have reached out in last weeks, thank you.  I have again realized, I don’t know, what I don’t know.  I have again realized that it is not about me.  I need you.  All of you.  And I’ll continue to believe you need me.

So lets talk about the Swashbuckler.  I have a profound fondness for this workout and this AO.  I jumped at the opportunity to Q today.  It was the jump start I needed.  My goal during the planning phase of this Qship was to keep the PAX together and keep that 2nd F flowing.  The plan was also to wreck havoc on some bodies so that the 2nd F was necessary just for survival.

After setting up some cones and prepping for the whooping that was about to go down, Steamer and I came into the parking lot a little hot.  YHC gave the 5 minute warning atop the automatic running boards of the Steam mobile.  Side note, those things will hurt you worse than a grocery cart to the Achilles.  Shewl.  I was pumped to see a contingent of all stars already circled up in the gloom, including Doogie clad in his Eagles jersey.  Kotter alert…as Plunger, after checking on the Earned Repect fellas, showed right before a perfectly delivered disclaimer, and off we went.

Before we could get to the front parking lot for warmarama, White Boots rolled in.  The PAX knocked out some SSHs, not sure how many…maybe Shroom knows, while he found a suitable parking space, and then back on the mosey to the front parking for


SSHs IC x 20

Cotton Pickers IC x20=

Sun Gods forward IC x10, reverse IC x10

Overhead Claps and Cherries in the basket

Figure four pistol squats x2

Cross and hang x2

The PAX partnered up on the mosey towards a freshly manicured Gannon Talbert Field for

The Thang 1

With apologies to Mini-Me and Jang, YHC used the outside of the infield to create a space for the “Blue Diamond.”  Partner 1 would run a lap around the diamond and upon catching up with their partner would assume that means of locomotion and then flap jack.  And then flap jack.  And then flap jack.  We circumnavigated the infield by bear crawling to the first cone, inch worm merkins to the second cone, broad jump burpee to the third cone, and then brought it home with partner wheel barrows the last 40+ yards.  The partner wheel barrows brought back the old Lassie in his howlingiest best.

We then recovered on the mosey and jaunted over to the WCHS weight room.  One of the core principals of F3 is that it be held outside of doors, rain or shine.  So it must be stated that we did go inside the weight room, for about 2 minutes to get our coupons.  We were split into two categories, big uns and little uns.  For those north of 2 bills, they grabbed the 45 pound straight bar and put on 2 2.5 lb plates for a total of 50 pounds.  If you weighed less than 200 you grabbed the 20 pound “drag” bar and put on 2 10 pound weights for a total of 40.  Cough Pasqually.  Cough Steamer.  And then back outside we went for

The Thang 2

The PAX would perform 6 consecutive lifts, 10 reps each, and then repeat.  The lifts were

Power Cleans

Push Press



Upright Row

Straight Leg Dead Lift

After completion of one circuit you immediately went into another, never putting the bar down for the duration of two songs provided by the beer can speaker.  The first two songs chosen were the 80s classic “Don’t Stop Believin,” in honor of Post 46’s amazing run to the 2006 American Legion State Championship.  The second was the 1996 classic “Let Me Clear My Throat” by DJ Kool.  The significance of this song has to do with the first time Jang…you know.

No time for rest, but plenty of music left on the Ipod.  Next up was “Flower” by Moby.  The lyrics “bring Sally up” directed the PAX into a plank, and “bring Sally down” sent us into a Chilcut.  Good times.  YHC is currently rocking a pretty fair “afro,” mostly for Rameses.  I had so much sweat rolling during this song, my hair got heavy and my neck started hurting.  True story.

After Moby had done his/their best to wreck our shoulders, we were not done.  The last set of non-stop lifts of the previous set were to be repeated.  This time we rocked out to “Rocket” by Def Leppard.  YHC chose this song because it’s just a bitchin tune.  Impressive push made by the PAX  to complete this set, some moaning, and of course Blue Cross pooting.

With time getting lean, we had one more song to “listen” to.  This time it was one hit wonder Ray Parker’s theme song to Ghostbusters.  Everytime the PAX heard the word “ghost” a one burpee painment was dealt.  28 burpees ended a workout even Casey Kasem would’ve been proud of.

With zero minutes left for Mary, we were actually over 2 minutes, we cleaned up and hustled back to the place where the shovel flag is for


Saturday, Feb 17th is the Cedar Island to Promiseland Ruck.  Rooney, Shroom, Lassie, Duck, Steamer HCs.

Saturday, March 17th is the Tobacco Road Half Marathon now with a Ruck division.  Duck, Nipple, Puddles are HC for this one.  Come join us.

Saturday, March 24th Carterico sends our gazelles to Columbia, SC to dominate the Palmetto 200.

Saturday, March 24th is the CoopStrong 4 mile run or 4 mile ruck in Greenville.  Purple Rain is heading up on Friday night for some 2nd F, and another contingent will travel up Saturday morning early to post with the ENC boys before the event.

YHC has the Stampede tomorrow.

Pasqually has the Hashmark tomorrow.

Nippleshot takes the AO site Q duties for the Rucky Duck tomorrow.

Prayer Concerns

David Hesmer

Ron Burgundy, wife Julie, and family

Lassie closed the Swashbuckler out in the BOM with eloquent words of caring, and a call that the needs of many be met.



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