• When: 02/28/18
  • Workout Style: Ruck(ish)
  • QIC: Button Cap
  • PAX: Lunchbox, Canary, Uncle Rico
  • AO: Prometheus

Hammy was scheduled to Q this morning but YHC fears we may have lost him (at least temporarily) the fartsack boogeyman. Q was not late this morning but arrived to Western Carteret General Hospital to find our newest PAX, Canary and Uncle Rico waiting to post for their 3rd time this week, excellent work men, keep it up. Getting close to start time Lunchbox rolled in on two wheels and managed to avoid any extra credit burpees. YHC gave the Mission Statement and Disclaimer in hopes to hammer it home for the newer PAX, quick description of what we were going to be doing and rolled right into


SSH IC x 30

Sun Gods, Forward/Reverse x 10

Calf Stretch, regular, LoR, RoL

Mosey around the Hospital

The Thang (packs on when exercising/off when moseying)

Circle Up for Side Lunge/Back Lunge x 1 min. x 2 alternate with….

Hillibilly Squat x 1 min. x 2

Palate Cleanser Lap

Curtsy Lunge R/L Leg x 1 min. x 2 alternate with…

Calf Raise x 1 min. with 20 sec. hold x 2

Palate Cleanser Lap

Split Squat R x 30 sec. L x 30 sec. Hold for 20 x 2 alternate with…

Sumo Squat x 1 min. hold for 20 x 2

Palate Cleanser Lap

seated L hand to R foot in the air x 30 sec., R hand to L foot x 20 sec. x 2 alternate with…

Quad raise R foot up and out x 30 sec. L foot up and out x 30 sec. x 2 (feel that burn baby)

Palate Cleanser Lap

Circle Up on Grass

Fire Hydrant Pose (just like a dog peeing on a hydrant) R leg out/in x 1 min., L leg out/in x 1 min. x 2

child pose arms stretch straight out, child pose to right, child pose to left. 15 sec. each

Calf stretch on ground x 30 sec.

Legs Spread, stretch in middle, right leg, left leg x 15 sec. each

Ham String stretch, R/L x 30 seconds

Palate Cleanser Lap


Birdman Crunch x 25 each leg

Have a nice day x 1 min.

Prayer requests given, announcements Pasqually Q rolling stone and Lunchbox led us out with a heartfelt prayer. Thank you Button cap for letting me lead.


Western Carteret General is hopping in the mornings but not enough that we can’t utilize it for an AO. Size of the building provided a nice,  mosey in between some strength exercises. Not exactly a ruck but since you use your legs while rucking i figured why not a leg day….I tried to include what little yoga i know today and would like to see more of that out west. If anyone would be interested in taking a class, let me know and we will get a group rate. If any upcoming Prometheus Q’s would like to venture into some bands work or kettlebells it would provide a little variety to what Prometheus has been bringing thus far…syitg.

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