Heading to the AO this morning i was thinking about the past 6 days. Did I push the PAX enough, did I piss off the PAX enough, did I push myself enough? I hope so! Parked my Clown wagon and planted the flag and awaited the PAX. Everyone puled almost all at the same time and there was a few minutes of light conversation. I told them all that since was my 7th and last Q for the week and i was exhausted, this would be an easy workout. Hard start with the mission statement, almost automatic at this point, along with the disclaimer and off for the Warmarama

Nancy Kerrigans IC ‘s 15 each leg

Cotton Pickers IC X’s 15

Windmills IC X’s 15

I explained that i was reading through the exercises on the F3 website looking for something a little different to mix things up. I had found a routine called “Millenial”. basically 100 reps each of 10 different exercises. the groaning commenced. i did , however, cut the amount in half and we split into teams of 2. reps would be collective per team. First team to finish would Omaha the others and we would go into the next exercise about 50 yards away as a group, no six.

exercises all 100 reps per team SC





Mt. Climber


Air Press




We blew through these like nothing!

Mosey over to the building where we would do

BTTW 10 count each

Peoples Chair 10 count each

3 rounds

Back to the flag for Ring of fire

Merkins first to a 5 count

Gorilla Humpers to a 10 count

Mary Pax choice

Boss Tweeds IC X’s 20

Freddy Mercury IC X’s 20

Big Scisors IC X’s

Hard stop

Announcements and prayer request

As i reflect back on this week i find myself thinking about my first post almost 9 months ago. I wanted to die 30 minutes into that workout. Here I stand amazed at how much more I can do now from then. Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. Now I had congrats sent to me from some of the PAX through Slack saying good job and the sorts. But I realize this is not my accomplishment. I didn’t do this. If not for the men of F3 I would never be where I am now. You guys did this, F3 did this. F3 is an amazing group to be a part of and we should all be proud to be a part of it. I want to thank all of you for posting with me this week and I hope I pushed you as much as you all have pushed me.



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