• When: 06/28/18
  • Workout Style: Ruck
  • QIC: Laettner
  • PAX: Weinstein (Respect), Tony Romo, Purplerain, Buttoncap, Lady Bug, Laettner
  • AO: Back Blasts, Prometheus, Rolling AO

YHC had the pleasure of going on a rather quick stroll with 4 other strong men, while Purplerain continues his comeback tour to get in BRR shape this morning. Weinstein pulled up and was getting his gear together as the Mission Statement was given and the PAX set off towards Swansboro.

YHC’s goal today was to hit 4 miles, which is dipping just into Swansboro. Ladybug and Weinstein spent the good part of the first 2 miles together while Buttoncap, Tony Romo and YHC pushed a hard pace on a gorgeous morning. A couple of times, urkins or squats were busted out so the six could catch up, but all in all, not much distance came between us.

At the turnout, YHC instructed that each man would take about a 3 minute turn pulling the PAX at the pace they desire, pushing themselves as best they can. Tony Romo’s legs were absolutely flying. It was impressive to see. A female runner almost pushed us into the sound as she flew by us on the bridge. T-claps to her and her commands as she quickly and loudly instructed us where to move so she could do her thing.

Great conversation as always by these men. Buttoncap has done a great job leading this AO and seen it through on some low days and some high ones. It’s cool to be able to explore western carteret county with the Prometheus. Purplerain caught back up with us after about 6 miles of running with just a little time to spare as the ruckers hit 4.1 miles on the day.

Thanks for letting me lead today Buttoncap! Prayer requests were given and PR took us out in prayer. It was a great morning. Really pumped about the pace we kept.


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