• When: 9/23/19
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Monkey wrench (respect), Blart (respect), kiwi, Ricardo, princess, Denver, Griswold QIC
  • AO: Ft. Benjamin Park, Knarr

After a sleepless night, the Q rolled in with less than five minutes to spare and found most of the pax already gathered in a little 2nd F. One last chug of coffee, and a hard start at 5:30. Warm-up consisted of imperial walkers, girl fights, and hairy Rockets. We then continued the warm up with a mosey across the parking lot for 20 mountain climbers, backpedal to the start, 20 plank jacks, then rinse and repeat. After that, we partnered up and ran to opposite sides of the parking lot. Partner one did 15 plank wall-walks and 15 people’s chair with air press. Partner 2 did 15 plank curb step-ups and 15 monkey Humpers. The partners switched and repeated three times. We then circled up and fought through a full Jack Webb with copperhead squats and tempo Merkins IC. The pax then moseyed around to the backside of the building for a version of catch me if you can. Partner oneLieutenant Dan’ed across the grass while partner 2 did 25 LBC’s. After one round trip, we repeated the catch me if you can, but this time with inchworm Burpee’s and 15 hand release Merkins.  After a palate cleanser around the building, we did a round of pancakes: one Merkin followed by one LBC, two Merkins and two LBC‘s, and so on up to 10. There was plenty of moaning, groaning, and Carolina drydocks going on, so we ran palate cleanser lap around the building. Now that the shoulders were warmed up, we found the railings by the shuffleboard courts. 10 Durkin’s on the low bar followed by 10 Durkin’s on the low bar followed by 10 Durkin’s on the high bar followed by ten Durkin’s on the high bar. The Q nearly face planted on the last three reps so it was time to head back to the flag. Mary consisted of 15 low slow flutters, 10 Australian snow angels, 10 slow Peter Parker‘s, and 20 more Merkins.  Hard stop.  

Count-off and nameaRama went quickly. The pax were quiet today with announcements and prayer requests as well. But the good Lord knows what’s on our hearts and minds, and hears those unspoken requests.

Thank you Denver for the opportunity to Q at the greatest AO in all of Newport.  When you have a bum leg, you can always focus on the shoulders!   SYITG,


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