• When: 06/10/20
  • Workout Style: Kettlebell
  • QIC: Tonya
  • PAX: Pedro, Friar Tuck, and Tonya
  • AO: Back Blasts, Tinkerbells

Wednesday morning, 0505, YHC surveys the land for the perfect hill.

0520, cars start to roll in.  Up come Friar Tuck then Pedro.

0530, Hard start.  We travel, bells in hand to a nearby valley.  SSH, squats, Michael Phelps, Herkins (irkins on a Hill) and up downs for the warmarama.  To the other side of the null.

After placing the bells atop the hill, we head down for instructions.  It was a crawl before you can walk method of uphill movement.  FIRST- army crawl up, 10 derkins, 10 single arm  bench presses each arm, then 10 bench presses, everything was on my up and down so as to pause each rep and keep good quality.  Down the hill for squats x10       NEXT round- bear crawl up, do the same presses, come down for 10 squats.  And LASTLY- Lieutenant Inch Worm Merkin Dan up for the last round of presses.     PALLET CLEANSER AROUND THE POND

Then we changed to pulling.  Same methods of transportation up the hill (army crawl, bear crawl, LIWMD), still 10 squats at the bottom, but at the top we did 10 single arm bent over rows each arm then 10 with both arms, also on my up AND down for each round.  PALLET CLEANSER

As a way to transition back to the parking lot we did walking lunges, stopped for suitcase deadlifts x5 each arm, walking lunges, stopped for kettlebell swings IC x5, rinse repeat till we got to the parking lot.                                         We finished up with single arm bench presses (actually on benches) x10 each arm on my up AND down, 10 bent over rows each arm, and 30 irkins

Hard stop.

Announcements and COT with HINers

Praise God for his provision in our lives and the fact that we woke up this morning with air to breath.

Tonya out.



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