• When: 11/12/19
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: Coach Potato (Respect), Frank n Beans (Respect Respect), Sparkles, Burn Out, Princess, Cooter, Cheech, Huckabee (Respect), Linus, Navy (Respect), Griswold, Back Up, Ponch (Respect), Tony Romo, Purple Rain, Skid Mark (Respect) and last but not least Cat Fight Meooooow.
  • AO: Back Blasts

Arriving at the AO, YHC was glad to see a few men gathered in the gloom. I think we all knew this was going to best day of the week for the weather. The HC’s were fast and furious the night before which always seems to put a little more pressure on the Q. I even got a HC from Skid Mark and Snookie. We were all hoping for a taste of Skid Marks awars winning chili becuase you can’t create a world famous skid mark without chili. Yes, I know it’s clam chowder but never let the facts get in the way of a good story. A good group of men gatthered as we began the countdown. Purlple Rain has enough time to explain why the car he was selling is in Emerals Isle. It seems if you lock your keys in your car you can’t get into. 2nd set? nope. On Star? cancelled it becuase they are selling it. That is where it ended. Coach Potate offered up some advice on how to shmooze the On Star operator to try and get them to help. It would require partnering up. Hard Start. No Snookie and no Mcskittles. 3 F’s given and a mission statement.



YHC planned a rolling mary to see the fine sights of the West. Moseyed to the main drag and circled up in the road for SSH’s. I guess this is frowned ipon by brothers in the West, as YHC was admonished for his lack of safety. SSH’s x 20. Mosey across the main drag. thanks Princess for hitting the button so we could all cross safely. I grew up in the 80’s when Frogger was popular. It’s just a human kind. Yes, I’m sure we all have seen the seinfeld episode. Circle up in the road by Lowes. Again more talk of safety. Sun Gods x 10 each way, Cotton Pickers x 10 and head down the side road toward Hardees. We would pass a random dude getting into a skethcy white van. YHC asked if there was room for all of us but didn’t get a response. Looking in on that crowd I think they were planning a heist or a kidnapping but see Chris Hanson. Stop our mosey by the Walgreens and circle up infront of the running white van. What is with this town and their white unmarked passenger vans? Thi9s time the guy gets out and tells us there will be a bunch of cars comning in and we might need to move. But first some Winmills x 10. I do believe this is the time Griswold or Princess became light headed due to the exhaust for the other sketchy van. Mosey on the road by Hardess for some Imperial Walkers and stretching. Stretching is apparently looked down on by Purple Rain. That is why we did it. Purple Rain decided not to  join the rest of the group in the road. He said he wasn’t going to be a dumba$$. YHC quickly pointed out that he is already there. Car!! No worries they are going to Hardees.



Mosey up the road toward mac Daddy’s. We stopped at each light, 3 total, for Alternating shoulder Taps x 15 IC, Squats x 15 SXC and LBC’s x 15 IC. The PAX moved to the parking lot. I’m not sure if the fun really started here or not. One round of hot Apple Turnover and plank for the six. Another round and plank for the 6. Head to the far end of the parking lot facing Mac D’s. We would do some 7’s with Star Jumps and Wojo Squats. Time to head it home. PAX would stop under the lights for AST, Squats and LBC’s x 10 this time. It was during this time that Griswold was having a conversation about Wonder Woman. I do believe it was the original, Linda Carter for you young people. I believe she was hot until she was standing next to Pelosi. I am not sure how that worked out. Start moseying back and we stopped for Air Presses x 15, mosey followed by some Hallelujah to Hardees. We gathered everyone up and did some picking cherries as we mosey. This is when we came across the guy who said we were going to be in the way of the cars parking. There was one. Mosey back to the middle of the road by Lowes. Karaoke to the main drag. No button to push for safety, so everybody run. Mosey back to the flag



WW1’S X 20. Legend has it that Coach potato made them do 102 on his birthday but I could not confirm. Navy rolls up about this time. I figured he was doing his best Jang imitation by not doing any exercises. He went to get his FNG and found him laying in his driveway. 911 was called. If he comes back I am sure lots of names will be thrown out.  American Hammer x 20 and some protractor.


Tony Romo took us with prayers for those mentioned. I believe once you mention them God holds them on his heart.


It is always a special time Qing in the West. There is such enthusiasm for F3 and the men do have a special bond. Thanks Cheech for the invite I will be back again with orange vests for everyone. A big thanks to Cat Fight for taking a back seat during Name A Rama and letting me start with one of the respect club members.


YHC Ron Burgundy

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