• When: 05/09/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Immigrant
  • PAX: Wilson, Chatlee (RESPECT), Proctor ( RESPECT), Villa (RESPECT), Pocahontas, Ron Burgandy (RESPECT), Carleton, Sniffer (RESPECT),
  • AO: Back Blasts, Morehead City, Tinkerbells

What a sight to see this morning rolling into the grounds of the MHCC as the lot was pretty full before our meeting time.  9 motivated men awaited as warnings of 5, 3, 2, 1 were given.  Welcome, disclaimer, mission statement, and core principles were given and we were off for a short mosey towards Country Club Road.  Circle up with the Hole – In – None for a little:



Cotton Pickers

Hand Release Merkins

Sun Gods

Downward Dog

Imperial Wlaker

As the HIN’s took off for their trek around the course, we made the short return to pick up our kettlebells and begin:


Round 1 15 reps each

Curls (Right then Left)

Shoulder Press (Right then Left)

Goblet Squats

Bent Over Row (Right then Left)

Short mosey to the cart shed and back

Round 2 Repeat of Round 1

After another mosey to the shed and back, we moved over to the wall for a little work with our weights

People’s Chair with bells held out front for 10 count per man

BTW for a five count

People’s Chair again but with arms raised over head for 10 count

BTW 5 count per man

Mosey to picnic tables for a little work involving:  Dips IC x 15, Urkins x 15 SC, Squats x 15 SC for 3 rounds

Back to the wall for one more exercise.  This time, People’s Chair with each man carrying his own Kettlebell to the Cart Return sign and back with each repeating the process until each has gone.

Back to our starting point for another round of our opening exercises:

Curls, Shoulder Press, Goblet Squats and finally Bent Over Rows

Announcements and prayer request with the HIN’s were made and Monkey Wrench took us out in prayer.

Thanks for a great morning and for the mumblechatter.  Great to be involved with such a motivated bunch of individuals.

Until next time……..


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