• When: 05/08/19
  • Workout Style: Kettlebell
  • QIC: spongebob
  • PAX: Shaft, Buckeye, LemonJello, Dash 8 (Respect), Ron Burgundy (Respect), Blart (Respect)
  • AO: Tinkerbells

Second-ever workout as a QIC and at the same time I am the new site Q for Tinkerbells. Grateful for the opportunity for leadership training and mentorship from those more experienced.


Converged with Jang-a-lang and the Hole in None PAX for alternating warm up exercises: Side Straddle Hop ic x20, Cotton Picker ic x10, Sun Gods ic x10, Windmill ic, Downward Dog (calf stretch) 10 ct each side.

The Opener

We returned to our bells and started with two rounds of the following in the grass:

  • never surrender x10 (1st round right, 2nd round left)
  • shoulder press sc x20
  • lunge sc x10 each side
  • bent over row sc x10 each side

Kettlebell-Cardio HIIT

Moved back to the parking lot to increase intensity with two rounds of the following :

  • push jacks ic x8
  • kettlebell swing sc x10
  • run-in-place push pulls ic x8
  • kettlebell sumo karate 10ct

Main Course

Moved into the picnic shelter for some upper body work:

  • kettlebell dips sc x10
  • hammer curl sc x10 each side (I barely made it)
  • erkin sc x10 followed by erkin hold
  • kettlebell reverse erkin sc x10 (like a bent over row but erkin position)
  • standing curl sc x8 (all I could do)
  • derkin sc x5 followed by derkin hold
  • kettlebell reverse derkin sc x5 each side
  • seated curl x8 each side
  • kettlebell step up ic x10

The Chair

We moved to the wall for some weight-assisted Peoples Chair

  • kettlebell out-and-up ic x5, both feet on the ground
  • kettlebell out-and-up ic x5 right foot out
  • kettlebell out-and-up ic x5 left foot out

At this point the PAX suggested a palate cleanser, so we moseyed 150yd or so and came back for mary and stretching.


  • bicycle ic x10
  • bicycle reverse ic x10
  • crunchy frog ic x10
  • WWI sc x10
  • LBC ic x10
  • LSF ic x10
  • American Hammer ic x10


  • runners lunge, add twist, add mini pushups 10ct each side
  • standing hamstring stretch 10ct each side (straight front leg)
  • down dog calf stretch 10ct each side
  • butterfly 15ct
  • laying cross legged stretch (glute stretch for lower back)

Hard Stop

My QIC skills are still a work in progress and I appreciate the opportunity and all the encouragement. Got some solid mentorship on this workout: (1) add variety—not every exercise in the kettlebell workout has to include the kettlebell; (2) be sure to add palate cleansers (running) between body weight exercises; and (3) match workout intensity with PAX pace. Looking forward to putting this into practice next time, and thank you to all PAX that joined us!

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