YHC was glad to host the Kettle Bells this morning to allow Doublemint time to catch up on his back blasts. Once arriving I surveyed the area to see what we could to do to shake it up a bit and I formulated a plan for the fun. I was surprised and pleased to see ole Madoff emerge from the shadows with a bell in hand, hence a gazelle in the house.  With 2 minutes and 1minute warnings given by YHC it was hard start time. I gave the mission statement and Jang-a-lang hit us with the disclaimer and as the gazelles took off, I felt compelled to do the same so we moseyed to the civic center patio for warmarama.

Warmarama: Cotton pickers x 10 IC, Imperial walkers x 10 IC, SSH x 20 IC, Hillbillies x 10 IC, Arm stretches x 10ct each side, leg stretches x 10ct each side, Sun gods x 10 IC F/R. Mosey back to parking lot for the thang

The Thang: Partner up for a modified face off.  Partners face each other from opposite sides of the parking lot.  Everyone will perform 2 reps of the called exercise, drop the bell and run to the other side, use the partners bell and do 4 reps, return for 6 reps, back for 8 reps, and back for 10 reps. Basically 30 reps of the called exercise with 4 sprints between each set of reps.  The exercises were as follows; right side bicep curls, left side bicep curls, right side kettle bell row, left side same, goblet squats, kettle bell chest hinges, and the crowd favorite squat shoulder press combo where we drop to a squat raise up into a shoulder press and back down, repeating left and right side.  All reps done 2,4,6,8, and 10 ct. with a lap in between each.

Now we were ready for some variety so we lined up along a parking space line and performed 2 reps of right hand bicep curls followed by a merkin. Move to next line and do 4 reps and a merkin, continuing each space along until we got to 10 reps and a merkin.  We then repeated coming back to start using left arm.  Next, we performed the same sequence but added a burpee at each stop and used kettle bell rows as the exercise.  With time still on our side, we moseyed with our bells over to the storage container for balls to the wall.  Ron Burgundy was pumped as YHC and Monkey Wrench had given him an after-hours lesson on the proper technique to increase his time. But, low and behold there would be a twist. We took the balls to the wall and passed the 25lb coupon down the length of the line from man to man, recovered briefly, and got back up to pass it back down.  Next was the people’s chair where the coupon would once again travel the length of the line but only after each man performed a left and right bicep curl going down and 2 of each coming back. Thighs are screaming at this point.

Next, what is a good workout without an Indian run? With kettle bells overhead, we did an Indian run around the lot, switching to kettle bell at chest height for second lap. Time for Mary.

Mary: With kettlebell, American hammer x 25 IC, LBC x 25 IC. The gazelles swooped in to finish up with us doing dying cockroaches x 20 IC and boats and canoes x 10ct x 2 reps. Hard stop 6:15.

Announcements, swashbuckler, rolling stone, and court tomorrow. Prayers for Stevenson family and others.  Ron Burgundy took us out in prayer.

It was a pleasure to lead the bells again and I think everyone probably got a little challenge today.



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