• When: 10/09/19
  • Workout Style: Circuit
  • QIC: Cheech
  • PAX: Birdman, Dash 8 respect!, Frank n Beans respect respect!, Huckabee respect!, Linus, Hacksaw, Couch Potato respect!, Maytag, Laettner, Dumpster Dawg, Navy respect!,
  • AO: Back Blasts

It was dark and misty when YHC pulled into the Ribeyes parking lot about an hour before hard start. Already on the scene was OG Laettner getting in some major extra credit mileage. I dragged out all the equipment (thanks Birdman & Buttoncapcap!) and workout signs (thanks Navy!) for the morning’s 12 station circuit.

Not knowing how many people would show I took a chance and was pleasantly surprised to see that all 12 stations ended up being occupied. Strong showing for a drizzly Wednesday PAX! Many thanks for that!

The format was to be 1 minute at each station for 12 minutes with a pallet cleanser run around the parking equaling one set. We worked out for 3 complete sets to tunes from Johnny Cash,  Elvis (skinny Elvis) and Social Distortion.


  1. Shoulder Press
  2. Kettle Bell Swings
  3. LBCs
  4. Kettlebell single arm swings
  5. Bands upright rows
  6. Dumbbell tricep extensions
  7. Monkey humpers
  8. Bands seated rows
  9. Low slow flutter
  10. Dumbbell curls
  11. Dumbbell bent over rows
  12. American hammers

Pallet Cleanser run

Rinse and repeat 3X

Hard stop with namarama, announcements and prayer requests.

Navy is on deck at The Greatest AO tomorrow!  Pillbox has a special something he’s working on for us at The Mullet Wrapper Friday and Linus has prizes for those that bring FNGs to the Field of Dreams on Saturday.

Prayers for Todd, Hacksaw’s neighbor, as he battles the big C.  Snooki and his family and prayers for those still suffering but not mentioned. Thanks for leading us out Frank N Beans.

So glad the PAX was onboard to try out this new format for the Prometheus. Just too bad Ponch couldn’t make it out due to family travels. No worries though, I hope to see something similar take place again sometime soon.  It was great to lead such a great group this morning. Can’t wait to do it again. Oh wait! That’s what I’ll be doing this Saturday at the FOD! So see you all again soon. Always a pleasure!

Cheech Out

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