15 men posted at CCC on a full on Carterican stormy morning. Double Mint was kind enough to ask YHC to Q kettle bells for the 2nd time in F3 Carterico history. If memory serves me correctly, it poured that previous day I Qed at Rotary Park. Anyway, the plan was to pound the boys with the bell and put in some rare running time with these fine men. As the thunder rolled up the sound, disclaimer and mission statement were given…

Off on a short mosey for warmup

  1. SSH
  2. Cotton Pickers
  3. WIndmill
  4. Down dog, 10 merkins, Down dog, 10 merkins
  5. Sun god forward / reverse

Back to the starting point, grab your bell, and follow me down the sound side. We would stop behind a building with beautiful grass hill leading up to it. For the THANG, we would divide into 2 groups. 1 group would stay at the sound side and do a kettle bell exercise. The other group would run the 60 or so yards up the the sidewalk at the back of the building. There, perform and exercise and run back. FLIP FLOP .

The kettle bell exercises were

  1. Dead lift 30
  2. Kettle Bell swing 30
  3. overhead press
  4. Curl
  5. Reverse lunge pass through
  6. High plank lift
  7. on your back press up

Exercises after the run were (each done twice)

  1. merkins 10
  2. Burpees 5
  3. Squats 15
  4. LBC 30

About the time my group was on the first round of LBCs, lightening struck so close to us that My T’s entire head of hair turned white, Lassie became dead silent, and Immigrant did a back flip. OMAHA. It was about 0600 and YHC had some brutal times ahead. Anyway, saved until next time.

We all gathered under the covered side walk for the following.

  • Various planking exercises
  • Goblet Squat
  • Rows by Reef
  • on your back over head press
  • Jack Webb –  LSF/dying cockroach    4:4 – 16:16 IC
  • Air chair holding bell in front. Each man for a 5 count, down and back. Hard stop 0616

Circle up under the shelter, announcements and prayers. No recording device available, thanks to all the men that posted with me. We got in 1.5 miles and I know each and every one of you men can continue to improve on running. Very moving for YHC to see the effort being put forth, regardless of age, fitness level, or injury.

Thanks to Double Mint for the opportunity and to my boy Ronnie B for helping lead these group of high impact men.

It was an Honor to Q for each one of you today. SYITG


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