• When: 1/18/18
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Flipova
  • PAX: Boss tweed, Graco, bunyon
  • AO: Beaufort, Man-O-War

YHC stepped outside at 4:30am to see the ground covered in a couple of inches of snow. Misty was on the Q and it was determined that it would not be safe for him to come over the bridge so I was given some guidance as to what his workout entailed and YHC gladly took the Q. YHC arrived to find 3 other men waiting in the gloom. A quick disclaimer was given and we were off to the museum for Warmarama.


windmills x 10 Ic

good mornings x 10 IC

cotton Pickers x 10 IC

Hand release Merkins x 10 IC

SSH x 25 IC

the thang:

we ran to the end of front street and performed the first jack Webb. Spider Merkins and plank jacks 2:4 count ending 10:20. We them moseyed eastward to first citIzens bank and completed the next jack Webb. Wiper Merkins, Freddy Mercury’s, overhead claps 2:4:6 count ending at 10:20:30. We quickly recovered and moseyed to the long bench across from BB&T and completed 20 urkins, 20 Dips and 20 derkins all SC. We ran back to the dockhouse and performed the next jack Webb series. Merkins IC, hello dolly, LSF, prison Squats 2:4:6:8 count ending at 10:20:30:40.

There was no time for Mary and we circled up and yHC took us out in the BOM. Misty was disappointed that he could not lead this morning but he will be back to have the Q in Beaufort soon.

It was a pleasure boys….until

next time


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