• When: 01/14/20
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: ponch
  • PAX: Cooter, Honeywagon, Navy R, Rerun, Pillbox R, Sparkles, DrDolittle RRR, Snooki, Cheech, Maytag, McSketti R, FrandandBeans RR, Dash8 R, Couch Potato R, PurpleRain, Princess, ponch
  • AO: Boonedocks, Cape Carteret Expansion

Misty, some would say moist but I prefer misty. A Glorious morning none the less.  As the steady stream of cars approached the church my smile widened. Circled around me at 0530 (0528 for you perfectionists in the crowd) were some of the biggest players in Carterico. Love was in the air.

Warm Arama

YHC doesn’t deviate when it comes to the warmarama, standard ponch package includes – Michael Phelps, Sungods, Right over left left over right, Downward dog and Cobra

THANG ONE  – Mosey to the over flow  parking lot and the sleeping CCPD, the thang had a little delay as a brother picked up my slack and retrieved the bands left at the flag, thank you PR. With a nod to Snooki who I’m very happy to say we get to see more often these days it was a Rack and Stack then unstack. 10 Merkins sometimes 9 sometimes 20 but completed to the chatter known only to the PAX as I was laser focused on counting to 10.                 Merkins  followed by 20 Band concentration curls followed by 30 Sumo squats followed by 40 LBC‘s on the wet pavement.

THANG TWO –   Mosey down Anita Forte from first light to second light completing exercises at each to include ATMs, Squats, Merkins, Band Curls, Band Shoulder press, A failed attempt to get everybody to fall in love with the lateral walk with bands for the hip abductor muscles, also known to you all as the gluteus medius (duh) the gluteus minimus (ofcourse) and the tensor fasciae latae (as if I even need to type that) Chatter chatter chatter but I didn’t hear any of it for the sweat running off my hair and into my ears.

THANG THREE –  Mosey to the Church foyer wall in my own interpretation of a western welcome back to Dash8 whose unique counting style and subsequent pain I’ve actually missed. Peoples chair with a 10 count might not of been the best idea but Balls to the Wall for a 10 count was definitely an idea that I needed to think thru more betterrer.
Given the fact that it was starting to sprinkle and I am clearly made of sugar, we had enough time for 6 min of Mary under the overhang. McSketti’s Crab Cakes brought a few looks and more than enough groans, Frankandbeans did not disappoint with the Australian snow bunnies and CP pulled a fast one on us as we ended in Dips, YHC ended a few reps before everybody else as I was feeling like a roach discarded on the floorboards of Willie Nelson’s tour bus


Prayers for all spoken and unspoken requests to include the people of Australia.

Come throw an axe Thursday, bring your M

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