YHQ arrived a little early.  Fartsack pull was strong after a long weekend.  I was curious who would show.  Then like flies to a freshly plopped cow patty the PAX swarmed in.  Notably, Bunyon looked like he missed his morning ritual, Dogtown’s man-bun was freshly tied up, and Boss Tweed appeared to have spent the weekend in Margaritaville.  Then we noticed that Flipova’s headlights make his Jeep look as grumpy as he is.  No FNGs just Beaufort Regulars.  Disclaimer was ignored as we all recited the mission statement to ourselves and we were off.  Ready to get it done.  Mosey to FINZ for…


20 SSH IC – Costanza’s arrival = 1 burpee for all

10 Cotton Pickers IC

15 Windmills IC

10 Sungods IC – forward

10-ish Cherry Pickers – failed miserably

10 Sungods IC – reverse

Moseyed to the Roundabout….

Thang 1:

Indian Run to the Old Post Office (not the mail lady’s truck, not the one by Food Lion, not a mail box)

Thang 2:

Dora – #1 partner does the exercise while #2 partner briskly circumnavigates the building.

Round 1 – 200 Merkins

Round 2 – 300 Squats

Round 3 – 200 Dips

Round 4 – 200 Urkins

Moseyed towards the Roundabout then back to the Dockhouse dock for Mary.


20 LBCs IC

Bunyon Stretch – Dogtown started farting.

Flipova Stretch – Dogtown continued to fart.

Hard Stop – Dogtown finished farting.

3 miles in Beaufort today, gentlemen.  Good work.  Pax was slightly concerned over who would Q Chickin Shack tomorrow, Graco volunteered.  Let’s hope the bands show up or we’ll be hauling treated timbers up and down Front St.  Prayers for those mentioned and those not mentioned.  After the air cleared Dogtown took us out in BOM.  As always, it was a pleasure to lead gentlemen.  Getting together with y’all is something that I look forward to every morning.  Livermush, you’re kicking ass.  Costanza, always great when you make it over the bridge, man.  RonRico and Kratom, I’m really glad you guys joined up and have stuck around.  Officially BFT PAX regulars, for sure.  I’m sure you know by now, Beaufort Rules.  SYITG.


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