YHC knew the Mullet Wrapper may be a bit under average having to compete with a Kiwi Birth Day Q at the HAsh, but then FranknBeans took out a few more PAX in a heck of a beating on Thursday. However, 6 PAX made the effort like rock stars and gave me the fuel needed to pull off 45 mins of entertainment and perhaps a  little workout…

A gentle mosey to the pavilion of pain, warm up with, yep, right to the shoulders. 25 erkins in cadence, 15 dips IC, 10 uneven merkins each arm, repeat. The boys got quiet but I couldn’t hear them cry yet, knew I was in trouble.

THANG 1 – a little bit from a Navy Q, PAX circle the big cable climbing thing, position under facing up. Using the cable, Rowing moves X 15, recover with WW1’s X 25, Curls X 15, recover with LBC’s IC X 25, Repeat and mosey

THANG 2 – 21’s with maybe 50 yds between, start 1 Sumo Squat in the down position, jail break to other end for 20 WW1’s. We took turns counting, giving the Q a break and getting HoneyWagon out of his comfort zone, a great addition.

Hard Stop, announcements, prayer request and we even had time to trash talk about SKIDMARK for farksacking after an HC!!!

TonyRomo always has great words to end the Circle of Trust, thank you, CP

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