YHC crossed the bridge thinking it would be a solo showing, thunder storm warnings, wind, rain, the whole shabang. I even drank a second cup of coffee, but arrived to the site to find 3 strong PAX wanting to start the day right, with still a little precipitation in the air, out of their cars and ready to roll.

Off we went, I’m reminded once again, it’s not about the workout, just running is the easy part for these guys. We’ve all got battles, yet we openly pray for others and try to assist them with theirs. TClaps to the F3 Carterico brothers that gave it away to the West, and PurpleRain, HalfTime and all involved with the Camp Lejune start up, as we give it away again. What a great way to serve the Lord, reminding each other often, we’re not alone, Iron sharpening Iron everyday. YHC has never left a workout site wishing I stayed home, thank you gents, CP

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