Cheech being the good site Q gave me the heads up and I’m glad he did. YHC wanted to visit a different place and White Oak Elementary seemed to be the place. It’s always fun traveling West and Holiday mansion was kind enough to ride along. We rolled way earlier than we needed but some of the nuances of the AO had to be checked out. Some of the regulars were out for their standard and Cheech arrived shortly with the flag. I could tell this AO wasn’t run by Pasqually. Soon 17 PAX members were ready to roll with Dumpster Dogs 2.0 our FNG. YHC gave the 3 F’s and the mission statement and it was time.


Mosey to the back the church, down the hill and into the light. The street light from the Presbyterian church. SSH’s x 20, Sun Gods x 10 each way and Abe Vigodas x 10. Mosey through the woods because YHC couldn’t find the road in the dark. Don’t trip over the curb like the Q and continue to Hwy 24.  Cotton Pickers x 10, Goof balls x 10 and some stretching even if it is frowned upon by Purple rain.Across 24 and mosey down the sidewalk to the school.


Bear Crawl halfway across the parking lot do 20 Monkey Humpers and Boss Tweeds in cadence. Holiday was quick to point out how fast these guys are from the West. What we realized is that they don’t understand what cadence means and doing them single count. From the halfway point finish up with a crab walk with 20 Humpers and Tweeds to follow. This time we would do them as a PAX so everyone can figure it. There was talk about the Q not being around a school and when the siren started getting closer it might be all she wrote. Luckily is was an ambulance and not the police. Is that Princess in there and that is the reason he didn’t show? Not sure. Palate cleanser around the parking lot and back to where we ended. Lt. Danger the length of the parking lot. Cooter asked permission for a Duck Butter shuffle and permission was granted. What’s a Duck Butter the PAX began to ask. Google it..but not at work or have your M do it were the suggestions from the PAX. Holiday’s observation was it is almost like a burpee. Now that you say it, yes it is. Palate cleanser around the lot. PAX was instructed they would run to the first white line in the parking area and back pedal back. In the Q’s mind it was flawless instruction with a perfect demo. I’m not sure what’s in the water from the West but it must cause brain damage. i feel I spent 5 minutes with Purple Rain trying to explain it. Next time I will know to kee it simple for certain members of the group. Palate cleanser around the parking lot.  It wouldn’t be an F3 workout without some burpees. Had the PAX circle up for 5 burpees, 5 LBC’s IC and 5 squats, then 4 then 3, 2 , 1. Franks N Beans was kind enough to step and help YHC with his squats. Apparently been watching Gert do them for so long that speed had taken over form. That’s why I love F3, wisdom from the elders..

Mosey back to where we will cross 24. Holiday said something about Bojangles and we all laughed. Everyone except Dash 8 who was leading the group and took Holiday serious and was ready for a Cheddar bo and some coffee. I’m sure he will make sure to get the senior discount. PAX gathered and we met under the light by the Presby church for Box Cutters x 20 IC and WW1’s x 20. Back to the flag.


The PAX had already done two thirds of the Big Sexy so YHC decided we would finish the set. Disclaimer was given to FNG that this exercise was only to be used by PAX members who have said I DO and is recognized by the state of North Carolina. Pickle Pounders x 15 IC. You could see by some of the faces that move is just a memory. LSF’s up next, Little Scott Foley’s, x 20 IC and we finished up with some  protractor. HARD STOP.


Prayers for Putin, Ashley, teachers and parents and Dash 8 who will be romancing the stones later in the week, YHC was given the opportunity to take us out.

YHC has the unique pleasure of traveling East and West, notice i didn’t say going both ways. There are some great men that show up each and every day and AO’s all across the county. It has been my distinct pleasure to get to know a lot of them. With anything in life you get out what you put in. Some days are better than others but you must beat the fart sack and post. Let your brothers know you will be there and in turn they might be motivated to post. The HC is something the West pushes hard, not to intimidate but to motivate. Thank you gentlemen for the opportunity to lead and to take you to new places.

YHC-Ron Burgundy


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