• When: 04/13/2018
  • Workout Style: Ruck
  • QIC: Wilson
  • PAX: Ron Burgundy (Respect), Puddles (Respect), Spinal Tap, Immigrant, Reef Donkey, BlueCross
  • AO: Rucky Duck

After answering the call for a Q last night and seeing the HC’s coming in I knew it was going to be a good morning and it was.

Pulled into the AO just behind Ronburgundy and it wasn’t long before we were 6 strong and then in comes SpinalTap at mach speed just as the 1 minute warning was given.

The goal for today was mileage so after the mission statement and disclaimer we headed out and across the bridge. With the AB circle as our goal Reef set a great pace. One of the great things about Rucking is the ability to get in some quality 2nd F and that’s exactly what happened this morning, it was great to get to know Puddles a little better and always great talking with Ron.

We made it to the circle and back in just over an hour and logged 3.6 miles. After announcements, Spinal took us out in prayer as only he can.

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