• When: 06/09/18
  • Workout Style: Sand boot camp
  • QIC: Hillary
  • PAX: Misty, Steamer, Jang, Fry daddy, Billboard(FNG), Winniethepoo, 2nd mile, Dip, Deuce, Au jus,
  • AO: Slick Cam

As YHC rolled up to the best AO in the entire world, I was welcomed with rain,  No problem, we were going to get wet anyways.  A few cars pulling in, a short disclaimer was given, and off to the beach we went.


SSH x 15

Cotton pickers x 10

Sungods x 10 each direction

a little bit of yoga

The thang

Indian run toward the fort. stopping every minute for merkins, wide arm merkins, diamond merkins, and squats.  Turn around lung for 10-20 steps and run to the yellow flag.  Rinse and repeat down the beach.  At this point a lone figure appeared.  FNG Billboard.  Welcome Billboard.  Keep rolling back to the club and the double posters arrived.  Head to the chairs.

4 corners with 5, 10, 15, 20 merkins.  2 laps OYO.  Quick water break and off to the pier.

Bob and weave around the poles.  Al Gores, hold for 3 sets of 30.  Sprint to a chair and back for more Al Gores, 3 laps.

A little more yoga as the thunder and lightning rolled in.  Omaha the water workout.

Laps around the chairs again with some planking and yoga added.


Yoga, LSF, yoga, WWI, yoga, dry-docks, yoga.

Announcements and YHC took us out.

It was a pleasure to lead.



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