• When: 08/12/19
  • Workout Style: BANDS
  • PAX: Pyle, Wilson (Respect), Frying Pan (Rock Hill), Holiday Mansion
  • AO: Back Blasts

EH’d Pyle on Saturday and he was true to his word as he was sitting at the AO when YHC arrived. As we stood there 15 minutes until workout time he informed he found five dollars. Told him it might be the two of us. Wilson was on the road for 14 hours and was an HC but being a true Site Q forced his way to the workout. One more set of head lights and Holiday mansion answered the call. He was worried the Q would be alone. It’s nice to be loved by your fellow PAX. 1 minute 3 F’s, disclaimer and mission statement.


Mosey to the right around the fountain to the intersection by the our of business antique mall. Rounding the corner the stinch of old seafood filled the air from two dumpsters. Some would say it smells like money on the waterfront. Circle or square up for SSH’s x 20, Sun Gods x 10 each way and Abe Vigodas. Mosey back by the smell of money in front of Southern Salt for Cotton Pickers x 10, Hillbillies x 10 and strtching. YHC was hoping it would give the Tablesetters time to get out of our AO. Mosey to the AO to take it back like a Pirate Invasion.

Lemon Jello apparently doesn’t understand the rules of engagement. So after some prodding or starting the band workout they realized they were in the wrong spot. Lemon Jello did ask if we wanted to join them but I’m not sure he read the preblast as I promised low miles. We picked up Frying Pan from Rock Hill because no one explained the amount of running that would be done at the TS Saturday at coffee. Welcome brother.


Curls x 15 R & L, Shoulder Press x 15 R & L, Curls x 15 L & R, Shoulder Press x 15 L & R, SSH’s x 25 IC

Squats x 15, Bent Over Row 15 R & L, Squats x 15 , Bent Over Rox x 15 L & R, Star Jumps x 15

Sitting Row x 15, Chest press x 15, Sitting Row x 15, Chest Press x 15, Step Ups x 15 IC

Mosey around the fountain past the stench of money and back to the start.

Rinse and Repeat above doing only one round. It was during this time Wilson spotted a pirate. A real pirate paddling his way to shore in a small skiff. Do we defend ourselves or engage in trade for his rum. He looked really tired and I would think if you rowed from Beaufort half drunk you would look that way too. He took a direct route to the bicycle that was laying against the building. Someone in the group spied it earlier and told all the land lubbers those are for the drunks. Aye. YHC spoke first as he got up to speed “How ya doing?”. The pirate answered with all his might, “All right I guess”. YHC didn’t have the heart for any pirate jokes. RRRRR u going to stay for the workout? He made it to dry land with his head. Pedal hard Jack Sparrow wantabee into the morning gloom..


Tome for a round of Big Sexy Pickle Pounders x 15, with an objection from holiday for being on the wood. Be positive we were not on the parking lot. Boss Tweeds and Monkey Humpers x 15 IC.

LBC’s x 20 IC

WW1’s x 15

American Hammer x 15 IC …Hard Stop


Explained to Frying Pan where to go tomorrow, Dreadnought of course…kidding, Anchor B

Prasie I had four more than I expected this morning. Continued prayers for john Jenkins and Holiday asked for prayers for Deanna as she will have surgery this morning.

YHC took us in a ball of man

Thank you men for sacrifing yourselves so I wouldn’t be a lone. I will do the same one day for you I am sure.

YHC: Ron Burgundy



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