• When: 10/16/2018
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Pillbox
  • PAX: Purplerain, Cooter, Cheech, Princess, Griswald, Lunchbox, Dumpster Dawg, Couchpotate(respect), Navy(respect), Sparkles
  • AO: Back Blasts, Boonedocks, Cape Carteret Expansion

YHC arrived early and scouted the AO/neighborhood, a lot of debris still remains from the storms, and lights were dim, so I an omaha of the original plan was in the making

Came across Sparkles and Navy on their standard in the neighborhood as I pulled up to the AO two HIM, Cheech and Princess, were already on site stretching out for the upcoming work out. One by one the PAX arrived, Couchpotato on his usual standard looking barely winded, all arrive ahead of time so no bonus Burpee‘s to be awarded this morning.  Although nobody wished YHC a “Happy Bosses Day”, and as the Q I was the boss for 45 minutes, so next Pillbox Q all get 5 bonus burpees for the offense.  Somebody please remind me?

Mission statement, core principles, let’s get down to the warm-a-rama

Abe Vigodas IC

Sungods F/R IC

SSH IC Princess counted cadence – think he’s ready to Q.


Time to mosey down the street with stops at lights and corners.

Stops included:

4×4’s, OYO, always a crowdpleaser after multiple stops, quite possibly Dumpster Dawgs most favorite new exercise. It always makes YHC happy to find something in our workout that our PAX can call their favorite.  This ones all you DD.

Jack Webbs IC

LBCs IC, always some offloaded gas with this PAX, no exception this morning, just glad I was upwind.

Planks with alternating leg lift for 10 count, a new exercise for us with several questions/concerns about how an M might feel about this.  Really I put it in as an homage (pronounced o-mage, that’s means in respect or reverence to someone for those who were struggling with it)  to Buttoncap our Millenial Yoga Master.  Missed ya this morning bud!

Crunchy frogs – which kind a look like X&O’s cause I’m respect club.

Lt Dan segment, no Duckbutter shuffles for this PAX.

Alternating shoulder taps IC

Monkey humpers IC , Princess really wanted these, said Tony Romo’s workout last Saturday was light on legwork, glad to oblige Princess.

Lunges down the pier,

Durkin’s IC on the pier

lunges back up the pier.


Arriving back at the flag with two minutes for a little Mary.

Freddie Mercury IC

Supermans IC



Lunchbox on the Q tomorrow for Prometheus, likely to start at Bojangles.

Princess on the VQ at the Mullet Wrapper this Friday.

Purple rain reminded us of the Second and Third F event Wednesday night at Camp Albemarle, Taste of Grace.

Navy will be giving away free ice cream at Coldstone Creamery in Jacksonville, Wednesday night from 5 until 8 PM, in recognition and thanks for all the hard-working relief workers.

Purplerain took us out with heartfelt prayers.

Griswald & Dumpster Dawg, thanks for helping YHC with the time keeping.  One day when I grow up I’m gonna get a super cool James Bond workout watch like yous twos.

Sparkles, thanks for re-booking my missed Q from Florence. Look forward to the next Q, and as always, a pleasure to be with the PAX.




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