• When: 10/08/19
  • Workout Style: BootCamp
  • QIC: CouchPotato
  • PAX: BarnyFife, HackSaw, ButtonCap, SoftWood, Cooter, Linus, Cheech [SiteQ], Princess, BirdMan, PurpleRain, Griswold, Ponch [respect], Huckabee [respect], Navy [respect], Dash8 [respect], FranknBeans [respect respect], CouchPoato [QIC]
  • AO: Back Blasts, Boonedocks, Cape Carteret Baptist Church, Cape Carteret Expansion

This great group of men never stop impressing YHC. I read once in “Free to Lead” [inspired by PR], that there is a direct response to PAX posting when the Pre-Blast warns of an uncomfortable workout. They knew there were banks a plenty, they knew this ol’ guy can’t get creative enough to do anything else, yet they showed up and asked for more, sort of. The Q’s job is to deliver, so off we went. Mucho Mumble Chatter and barely a warm a rama. After 2 plus years I still go blank when at the helm so a mosey to the first bank, YHC just kept thinking ABS, LEGS, SHOULDERS so it went something ike this:

First Citizens – WW1’s x 20, CopperHead Squats x 20, ATM’s, next bank Marine Federal – repeat something similar, a rest at the grocery cart corral for some horizontal pull ups/overhand and under. That seemed to be an annoying little bicep exercise but thought we could gain from it. When Q noticed FrankNBeans was actually enjoying it we moved to the Lowes Foods ATM for another round- ABS, LEGS, SHOULDERS. Mosey to the nearby Wells Fargo for some little baby curb dips and Sumo Squats, Freddy Merks, BoxCutters, ATMs, Mosey to the dark alley behind Walgreens for a long lunge walk toward the Sound Bank, mumble chatter began as to whether this was legit due to the fact that the bank was closed, Q ignored and proceeded with another round, LBC’s, Squats, Bear Crawls and ATMs. A long stead y Mosey back to base camp to the pavilion of pain, PeoplesChAir Press, BTTWs Dips and circle up at the flag. LBCs, Dying CockRoaches, and just out of respect ATMs, 20 Supermans IC and a reward HAVE A NICE DAY, prayers by PR, F3 with FranknBeans, Cheech at the Prom tomorrow.

Thx for the opportunity to get better Cheech, by honor -CP

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