• When: 11/22/19
  • Workout Style: bootcamp
  • QIC: ponch
  • PAX: Princess, Pillbox (respect), Burnout, McSketti(respect), CouchPotato(respect), Linus, Maytag, Weinstein(respectrespect), ponch and a flyby by Birdman
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion

Glorious morning chip or not. Swansboro Municipal park was lit up for us like it was mid day. 8 HIMS gathered to partake in some serious 2nd F which if I’m honest, is why I get out of bed.

Warmarama began promptly at 0530 with exercise for us all, I say “us all” because I’m told NC recognizes race car driving as exercise. So the NEIN HIMS finished sungods, mike phelps, chinooks, a nod to Laetner with Hilbilly Squats,and R over L over R with yoga – down dog and cobra for my brother from another mother and always a perfect 10 , purplerain,  who woulda meant free beer for the west……..woulda

THANG 1 – Mosey down the nature trail to the pull up bars for some pulling up. Then mosey to the first clearing for Sumo Squats. Mosey to the second clearing for Sumo Squats and Merkins. Mosey to the best place in Swansboro to clean your eyeglasses for Merkins, and Squats.

THANG 2 – Mosey to the Pavilion for rounds of Dips, Step ups for mortal men and box jumps for CP, Urkins, Glute Bridges where its said you should feel it in the butt.., Scorpion dry docks…. rinse repeat.

THANG 3 – Mosey to the ropey rocket ship playground climby thing for Donkey humpers (deep assisted squats) , Urkins, and ON YOUR 6 pull ups…rinse repeat.

THANG 4 in the wet grass turned into THANG 5 – on the basketball court for the GUNS. Single arm curls, tricep extensions

THANG 5 – Lunging half court to Merkins –  lunging the second half to LBC and back the same way to a tight circle at center court for maybe my replacement for Mike Tysons… ABSOLUTION. 10 was the number, not only for free beer but all I had.

PAX choice for MARY while I caught my breath – McSketti – LBC, Maytag – Dying cockroach, Linus – rotator extensions, Weinstein – Low slow flutter, Princess – Boxcutter, Pillbox – L SIT (a crowd favorite – gonna see that again), Burnout – American hammers and for the life of me I cant recall what, if anything, CouchPotato did.

For unasked prayers, concerns and needs. – Weinstein, your words were beautiful and spot on, thank you.

I sound like a broken record but thank you, I had a blast. Thanks for letting me steer the ship Burnout.

OH and I’m banking Maytags Burpees for a rainy day. — boom


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