• When: 04/13/19
  • Workout Style: BootCamp
  • QIC: CouchPotato/SkidMark
  • PAX: SkidMark [Co-VQIC], PurpleRain, Sparkles, Cheech, Halftime, PillBox, FranknBeans [respect], HotLips, CouchPotato [QIC]
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion, Field of Dreams

YHC was pleased to rise to this beautiful weather, knew it was going to be a great day. As usual, my intent was to put together a full body experience, unlike any other, giving the PAX a delightful mix of energy while shaping the physic for the the summer speedos. Then I realized I had to finish my coffee, get my shoes on and get out the door, so maybe better prep next time.

As warned, 7a sharp we started to mosey, rushing Cheech from his truck, and a perfect Mission Statement on the fly from Co-Q SkidMark to the other end of the soccer field. WarmaRama courtesy of SkidMark, YHC added some Bear Crawls as he came up with his next Ready Set Go commands, he does keep us laughing… FrankN Beans arrived and he commanded Burpees until FnB ran across the field, like a boss SkidMark, nice push.

Next Thang- A mosey to the Pavilion of pain for 20 Dips IC-20 Box Jumps- Erkins, 15 Dips IC-15 Box Jumps, Erkins, 10 Dips IC- 10 BoxJumps, Erkins, 5 Dips IC-5 BoxJumps, Erkins to loosen up the arms for a later event [insert smiling devil emoji].

Mosey to the Tennis Courts for SkidMark and Suicide Burpees! Just as the fun was sucking, HalfTime [always welcome but holding true to his name] arrived at 7:20ish, more Burpees, Lunges, and I had an idea for a little ab challenge. I remembered my first workout, almost 2 years ago, the command was WW1’s. I was completely humbled when I couldn’t do a 4th… Since we were loose, and I didn’t want to do anymore of SkidMarks Burpees, I took back the Q and called WW1’s. Just a slow steady start until YHC got in the groove, 20, then 30, then 40, then HOTLIPS caught on to the scheme and started encouraging the QIC, as we neared x7, x8, x9 he would calmly push “keep it going…” so we did. Proud of the PAX as they endured 101 WW1’s with very little belly aching.

Another Thang – I had asked Hotlips for something different and he suggested what turned out to be much worse then imagined, mostly because I didn’t realized PIllBox had so much to tell us…

THE FILIBUSTER!!! Pax gather in a circle, plank position, QIC shows the legal moves, anything yoga like, but the only thing that touches the ground are toes and hands or a penalty jailbreak lap around the court. Time for a little F2. Starting with Sparkles, “tell us about your family and your life”. Now Sparkles is no dummy, he knows stratigery and that there are 9 of us, so he sums up his life, the M and 2.0’s in less then 2 mins, We enjoyed hearing from the PAX in order, even PurpleRain was brief, but not PillBox. We were only halfway around and he started the FILIBUSTER, a solid 8 mins while the PAX were wearing thin, finally highjacked by FranknBeans then HalfTime. The master plan was to have Hotlips last, and challenge us to up to 15 mins total but we were already passed that so he cut it short. QIC was up next, Now I don’t know much, but I do know there is always more stored energy then your brain will allow you to realize. After 20 mins in a plank position, the PAX were called to A.T.M’s, they nailed it, nice work men. I passed the Q back to SkidMark. Side Straddle Hops, really?, then FnB with OverHead Presses, what?, we rounded out with some Mary and Sparkles wrapped up the morning with 50 Superman IC. hard stop, recover.

Announcements, Prayers for brother Laettner , his family and other intentions courtesy of FranknBeans. Thanks for the assist guys, I’m humbled daily and wouldn’t have it any other way, -CP

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