On my way to the AO, YHC passed Monkey Wrench getting in a Brandywine standard. Respect!

With the flag planted beside a blacked out Jeep Cherokee that parked like a jerk beside the entrance to the parking lot, I waited for the pax to show up in the gloom. As they began to file in, we all gathered behind the Jeep wondering who else was gonna post this morning and who would park in our spot so rudely. Two ladies showed up who had apparently been for a morning run, and asked us “if we were gonna sleep all day or what” like we were getting a late start. They moved the Jeep and order was restored. Introduction and disclaimer was given, to include a warning to watch your step, as we would be covering new ground this morning. Off we went turning right, not left, almost getting mowed over by a tardy Shaft coming in hot per usual. Mosey down the sidewalk along Hwy 24 stopping at each power pole for warmarama went like this:

SSH IC x 10, Windmill IC x 10, Cotton Picker IC x 10, Hillbilly IC x 10, Sun God IC x 10, Imperial Walker IC x 10, Hello Dolly IC x 10, Flutter Kick IC x 10, Monkey Humper IC x 10

Reaching the end of the sidewalk, YHC explained the next exercise, The Crowd Pleaser. At each pole, we stopped for 1 Merkin followed by 1 Groiner, adding one of each at each pole up to 5 Merkins and 5 Groiners, then working back down to 1 and 1.

Next, we crossed Hwy 24 into the other side Brandywine, where we stopped for a fire drill. Circle up and begin running in place with hands out in front bringing knees to hands (High Knees). Each pax took their turn yelling “Fire!” The pax would drop to the ground, roll right, do a merkin, roll left, do a merkin, and then resume high knees waiting for another fire to be called. We put out 11 fires.

Mosey down to the marina for some 4x4s. From standing, drop for 4 Merkins followed by 4 Mountain Climbers IC x 4 and stand back up. (That’s 1, we did 11). The Q could barely count here, heavy breathing ensued. Silent 10-count was called, some claimed it was only 8. Mosey back to the open field for a little Torture Circle. Form a tight circle and hold on to the guy beside you, squat down and in unison, hop to the left once. Then hop right twice, then hop left for three hops, all while squatting as low as possible. The goal was 11 without touching the ground, falling down or just quitting, we made it to 3 or 4 before the first hand reached for relief. The second attempt made it to 3 before the guilty party laid out. Enough of that one, we were off for a lap past the sprinklers and toward the cars.

We stopped before crossing the highway to plank for the 6. With the 6 in, the planking continued with each man calling a 5-count and Misty calling for a 6 inch hold to finish it off. The Q, not to be out done, called for 10 hand release Merkins.

We successfully crossed the highway without incident and circled up for Mary. Each pax picked their favorite and called the cadence: Freddy Mercury’s – Squid, Dying Cockroach – Pasqually, Ab Circles – Griswold, Boss Tweeds – Rooney, Lay and pray – Shaft, American Hammers – Monkey Wrench, Gas pumpers – Birdman, Box cutters – Purple Rain, LBCs – Rosie X’s and O’s – Misty, WW1s – Steamer.


Hero Patriot, Field of Dreams and the Chum Run going tomorrow.

Bro-Olympics and Twin Bridges Run next weekend.

Prayers for Doogie’s Father and Blart’s brother in law. Griswold took us out in the COT with an excellent prayer.

Thanks for joining me this morning. We did 101 Merkins and around 2 miles.


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