• When: 07/23/18
  • Workout Style: Resistance Band
  • QIC: villa
  • PAX: Blue Cross, Reef Donkey, Dance Hall, Gobbler (respect), Wilson (respect), Devlin Macgregor, Crowbar
  • AO: Band of Brothers

Countdown was given and at 5:30am, the 3 F’s were announced along with the mission statement.  With no FNGs, we began.


We moseyed 1/2 way around the block and circled up for some Sun Gods (15 count IC, forwards and backwards), Cotton Pickers (15 count IC), Imperial Walkers (15 count IC), Windmill (15 count IC), SSH (20 count, IC).  We then moseyed back to Big Rock Landing for the Thang…

The Thang:

(Please note the the following exercises were done to a 10 count IC, with half a rep for 1, complete rep for 2, half way back rep for 3, and return to starting position 1,2,3 etc).

Bicep Curl,Shoulder Press, Chest Press, Chest Fly, Back Row (Palette cleanser with a Mosey around the fountain). This was done for 2 sets…

After the 2nd set, we partnered up and did 2 rounds of Tractor Pull.  If done correctly, this will cause heavy breathing, burning quads, and tremendous amounts of sweat…

Upon recommendation by devlin macgregor we went to the tables for  2 rounds of Step Up, 15 count IC and Erkins, 10 count, IC.


Each member of the PAX chose an exercise and led the count.  Exercises included American Hammer, Box Cutter, Dying Cockroach, Protractor, LSF, LBC, WWI…

We concluded the workout with an array of stretches which we all agreed needed to be done more often…

Announcements about the next days workouts were made and prayer requests were mentioned including devlins daughter having gum surgery later that morning, immigrants mother in law’s health/possible surgery and for Paul Hill’s sister with terminal cancer. YHC took us out in prayer.

Respectfully submitted,


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