• When: 03/10/18
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: Plebe, Griswold, Sparkles, Maytag, Stay Puft, Back splash, Monkey Wrench (Respect), Cooter, Immigrant, Pill Box, FNG now Linus
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC was more than happy to take the Q from Duck and get the chance to return to the West. YHC had n’t been there since it’s humble beginnings last year. I wasn’t counting on a high turn out with the EI marathon happening and other brothers rucking in G’ville. I showed up early to see if things were still in place and it looked like everything was a go. Stay Puft was the first to arrive, followed by Immigrant. It then became a game of who is that. It looks like F3 nation is allowed to drive the wife’s car on the weekend. We were 12 strong with one FNG by the time the countdown went to zero. The 3 F’s were proclaimed, mission statement and a disclaimer given, YHC was still haunted by Reefs demand from Monday.


Mosey around the tennis courts to the soccer field for SSH x 20, Sun Gods x 10 each way, Abe Vigodas x 15 and a stretch, left over and then right over. At some point during the exercises Griswold and Maytag discussed peeping into Buttoncaps window and checking out his wife’s nighty. I’m not sure how the West rolls but they seem like they share everything.

Mosey aross the fields and stop for Cotton Pickers x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Monkey Humpers x 15 and Good mornings x 15. Mosey to the tennis courts for the Thang.


Forrest to the Sea on the courts. You know bear crawl halfway, 5 burpees crab the rest. Work your way down. Monkey and Cooter decided to over achieve and went beyond the Q’s instruction.

Mosey aroound the baseball fields to the picnic area for three rounds of Dips x 15 IC, Step Ups x 15 IC, and Earkins x 15 IC, Cooter was quick to point out to the Q that we had done this exercise after the first round. Stay Puft explained, rinse and repeat. Mosey around the baseball field and back to the tables.This time doing Derkins x 10 SC, Box Jumps x 10 and Prisoner Squats x 10. 3 rounds. YHC made one mistake during the exercise. Monkey Wrench was allowed to lead Derkins, of course we did them in cadence, he did use two hands. Thank you Monket for not embarrassing the Q…. today.

Mosey to the far field by the tennis courts for a round of Railroad Ties. PAX divided up into two groups of six. First man planks, next man jumps over continue until the end. Mosey to another field

PAX would do one round of Big Sexy 15 pickle pounder IC, Boss Tweed x 15 IC and Monkey Humpers x 15 IC. Mosey around the goals on the field, rinse and repeat. 3 rounds. Got it Cooter?

Mosey aways around a goal and circle up for what Q promised in the pre-blast. We will be doing Carolina Dry Docks and Carolina Wine Mixers. They could have been called Duke Dry Docks and Duke Wine Mixers but the they got tripped up last night by the heels. Wait…from what I was hearing from a pro Carolina PAX the Heels were tripped or hip checked. Jang says they are Catalina Wine Mixers but I don’t live there so Carolina they are. Carolina Dry Docks x10 SC, Carolina Wine Mixers x 10 rinse and repeat for three rounds. Cooter you got it now! Thumbs up emoji.Thanks Griswold for leading the last round.

Mosey to the basketball courts and pick up all the clothing the PAX dropped after the first exercise and return to the flag for Mary.


LBC’s x 25

WW1’s x 20

and YHC took us out with the protractor. I know that surprised no one.

It was good to reconnect and to connect with my Western Brothers. They have done a great job of EH’ing and bringing men into the group. We should all hve their enthusiasm and drive to grow. T-Claps to Stay Puft who decided to get back in the mix after a six month break. MyT Sharp told us on Wednesday, you can’t have a come back without a set back. AYE!. If you are reading this and have had a set back and want to come back, come on. The only thing holding you back is you. Welcome FNG, Linus get here when you can.

Prayers for Griswold’s father-in-law as things don’t seem to be improving. Stay Puft took us out reminding us how we should act and carry ourselves. We should be thankful for the bodies we have and we have the ability to get out.

Ron Burgundy

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