• When: 04/16/2018
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Jack Rabbit
  • PAX: Blart, Pasqually, Ricardo, Birdman, Buckeye, Jack Rabbit
  • AO: Knarr

After a 2/4/6 month hiatus, YHC finally returned to the F3 workout with renewed vigor and even less stamina than before.  Upon arrival at the Knarr, Blart was more than gracious to give up the Q to an FNG (according to Pasqually).  It was like doing a VQ all over again.  What YHC thought would be a decent length workout (more importantly a running controlled workout)  turned out to be a 20 minute joyride for these crafty veterans.  The PAX stepped up to help save the Q.  It reminded YHC of why this is a special group to work with.  Nobody complained.  They just jumped in and started whipping out the exercises.  So here it is:

Warmarama-lap around the parking lot and then some light stretching followed by SSHx15 IC and Sun Gods IC forward and backward.

The Thang 

Mosey to the tennis court to line up on the side out line.  One Pax ran across the court x2 while the others Merkined OYO.  Each Pax ran the court while the others kept on with the Merkins which turned into alot of Carolina Dry Docks.  Thank God for the modify.  This was followed by running the same distance while the exercise changed to squats.

Mosey to bb court for follow the leader.  Lunges down the base line and 2 burpees at the end.  Run to half court-2 burpees.  Side lunges across the half court-2 burpees.  Run to the end-2 burpees and side lunges the other way-2 burpees.  Run to other side of court.

Mosey to benches for dips and merkins x2. To the wall for People’s chair for 10 count by each pax.  Here is where things got complicated.  With still 20 minutes left we repeated the tennis court exercises and went back to the benches for dips, irkins, dips, step ups, and possibly some more merkins.  Back to the wall for BTW 5 count from each Pax.  YHC was reminded of the complications the Pax has in counting.  Random number sequences and counts keep us on our toes and confuses our muscles, not to mention the Q.


Toe taps on the curbs.  Protractors.  American hammers (the Pax was educated on the the Cocyx bone and the pain it receives from this exercise).  Birdman’s LBCs with leg crossed x2,  Box cutters. LBCs.  And Blart ended it with Man Makers?  Not sure the exact name but if the public saw us doing these in the light of day, we would probably get a visit from the law.

No concerns to note.  The Knarr needs a new site Q.  Congrats to Blart’s son who is apparently the new Prefontaine minus the locks of hair.  Blart took us out in prayer.

That pretty much sums it up.  It was nice to get back out into the gloom and the temperature above freezing.  Many thanks to the Pax for stepping up and calling out the exercises to push us.  It was a pleasure and honor to Q.



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