• When: 11/29/18
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: Holiday Mansion, Cooter, Devlin McGregor
  • AO: Back Blasts

Three white trucks were on the ground as YHC rolled into the AO. Ricardo was out gathering accolades for his leadership in band and was looking for a replacement. I guess he can lead a band but can’t lead a workout. Devlin had HC’d early way before he checked the forecast but he was true to his word. Holiday is a solid site Q and Cooter rounded the group out. Everyone stayed in their vehicles as long as they could so the 3, 2 1 were given. The 4 F’s, yes today there were 4 F’s Fitness, Fellowship, Faith and Freezing. The 5 core principles were stated and a disclaimer. Everyone was ready to roll to get warm.


Mosey down the parking lot to the other side for SDH’s x20, Sun God x 10 each way, Windmills x 20. Mosey to the other side of the parking lot for Cotton Pickers x15, Imperial Walkers x 15 and Good Mornings x15


YHC introduced the PAX to Bus Stop Burpees. During warm-a-rama YHC asked each Pax member for a number 1 thru 9. 4,7 and 8 were given. PAX would start at the parking lot in front of the buses. We would run around the parking lot to where the buses are parked and stop at the fourth bus. We would add the numbers up on the bus and do that many burpees. Number 543 would be 12 burpees 5+4+3=12. PAX would run a lap around the buses and stop at bus 7, 11 burpees, another lap and 10 burpees.

Mosey to the middle of the lot for Lt Dan all the way across. PAX would do Apple Turnover on the way back, flipping on the third line.

Mosey to the back corner of the parking lot where you enter the green box site. PAX would do suicide of exercises. Working along the fence line of the parking lot, the PAX would start at the first light pole. We would run to the next pole and do 10 merkins. Run back to the start and to the second light pole 20 Plank Jacks IC and 10 Merkins at the first pole and run back to start. You get the idea. PAX would always run to the next pole and do the exercises coming back. 3rd pole 30 Squats, 4th pole 20 LBC’s IC and 10 burpees for the last. 50 Merkins, 80 Plank Jacks IC, 90 Squats, 40 LBC’s IC and 10 Burpees. Everyone was warm at this time.

Mosey to the bleachers for some snakes. YHC being old and wise noticed that one section of the bleachers had no light. We would skip that section and start in the middle and go left. PAX did 3 rounds and met at the top for some calf raises, 15 each, heels out, heels middle and heels pointed in. 2 more rounds of mini snakes and another round of calf raises. Mosey back to the flag.


American Hammer x 20 YHC

Box Cutters x 20 Devlin

Freddy Mercury x 20 Cooter

Dying Cock Roach with complaints from the Q and changed to Boat and Canoe Holiday

One Round of Big Sexy

A little Protractor to finish it out HARD STOP


Prayers for Holidays M. YHC took us out

Thanks for your support. I know it was the coldest day of the year and it would be easy to Fart Sack. The next few months will be the hardest for some as you debate your nice warm bed to a freezing cold ground. Remember if you stop showing, there is no reason for me to come either. Your support means a lot to the Q and those in the PAX. Keep posting.

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