• When: 12/24/19
  • Workout Style: Bandcamp
  • QIC: ponch
  • PAX: DoubleDip, Paparazzi, Couchpotato, Cyclops, Purplerain, Caitlin, Linus, Maytag, Pillbox, ponch
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion, Western Park


I am so thankful for F3 and the relationships Ive made here.

The Late Show is, for me, a chance to connect. For one its not the gloom so I can see who Im talking to even if its a blurry figure without glasses. Secondly, there are fantastic Godly men that, like me, hate early mornings 🙂

WARMARAMA – Laughter

THE THANG –  “sign sign everywhere a sign.”  5 signs with writings  that were sometimes ignored, sometimes followed, sometimes modified.  Merkins, Merkins with bands not so much, squats, WW1, LBC, American Hammers, Band Presses, Band Curls, Band side steps, Band flys, Lunging, Frankenstein walking all kinds of modification whilst we discussed the finer things in life like how Nancy Kerrigan was misquoted in Disney and how either a guy or girl hit her in the knee and how that guy or girl  could have been tara lapinski, tonya harding ,jessica rabbit ,  john wayne bobbit, or some dude from jersey.  YHC shared a “life snap shot” thru heavy mumble chatter that may or may not have been induced by a heavy shot of caffeine.

MARY –  7 minutes of Pax choice Mary.

Prayers for traveling family, Brothers recovering, Ms battles, Praise for Purplerains M and a contract blessing.

Maybe not the most detailed nor the most clever Back blast but this is my favorite day of the year and my family is all together, we are off to the beach.

I sincerely hope each of you are blessed this Christmas, not with gifts but with Christs love and the joy of loved ones surrounding you. Im so very thankful to be part of your lives, youre a huge part of mine.

Merry Christmas

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