• When: 10/01/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Tony Romo
  • PAX: Princess, Cooter, Dash 8, Frank n Beans, Huckabee, Sink Hole, Backup, Sparkles, Couch Potato, Navy, Purplerain, Griswold, Cheech, Brokovich, Ponch
  • AO: Boonedocks

the boot camp at the Boonedocks was everything it was expected to be.  I am so tired that I have absolutely zero extra energy to be creative or cute in this post.  Sooooo, here goes.

various exercises in cadence
1. Side Straddle Hops
2. Cotton Pickers
3. Windmills
4. Something else I can’t remember

Circuit #1
Dora – Partner up and do the following switching while your partner runs to the other end of the parking lot and back
1. 100 Merkins
2. 150 LBCs
3. 200 Squats

Circuit #2
1. Bus Drivers with landscape block while everyone counted to 10 then lap around the parking lot
2. People’s Press (shoulder press with landscape block in peoples chair) everyone counted to 10, then lap around the parking lot
3. People’s Curl (curls in people’s chair with landscape block) everyone counted to 10, then lap around the parking lot
4. Balls to the wall while everyone counted to ten

Circuit #3
same as above, but everyone counted to 5 with laps between each exercise.

We finished with 2 miles by my watch.

That took us to hard stop, announcements, prayers, off into the real world.

Navy, did you give Ponch the bands? (ok, one bit of humor)


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