• When: 04-11-19
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: Dance Hall, Immigrant, Ricardo, Monkey Wrench (Respect), Cooter
  • AO: Back Blasts

Holiday asked YHC to cover the Q for him while he was in Cuba doing God’s work. We haven’t heard from him or Creflo so an international incident must have been avoided. Always glad to help a brother out and I gladly accepted the offer. I was honored by Dance Hall’s HC. He said he could only go to one and mine was it. I was hoping for Flowers and Chocolates next Valentine’s. Ricardo followed with…this might be an HC if I show up. I don’t always HC but when Ricardo does it’s a rare. We should be better about an HC. It lets the Q know people are coming to the workout. I think if folks know you are coming they will prepare a little better. You can even HC a day early like Monkey Wrench for the Ruck.  

YHC showed early and set the plan in motion. Monkey was first to arrive and the others trickled in, including Ricardo making it a real HC. 3, 2, 1 and the 3 F’s were given, along with a flawless mission statement.  


Mosey to the center of the parking lot for Right over left stretch, Left over right and downward dog. Wind Vigodas, not quite a windmill and not as slow as an Abe Vigoda, x 10, Cotton Pickers x 10,  Imperial Walkers x 10 and Sun Gods each way x 10 


Mosey to the first lamp post by the dump. YHC had put exercises and the number to be done on every poll traveling counter clock wise. The PAX were told to do the exercise and run to the next light pole. Do that exercise and work your way back to the start doing all the exercises. 

5 Merkins x 12 RDs = 60 

10 SSH’s SC x 11 RDS = 110 

15 Hand Release Merkins x 10 = 150 

20 Star Jumps x 9 = 180 

25 LBC’s IC x 8 = 200 

30 Carolina Dry Docks x 7 = 210 

25 Squats x 6 = 150 

20 Air Press x 5 = 100 

15 WW1’s x 4 = 60 

10 Carolina Wine Mixers x 3 = 30 

5 Monkey Humpers IC x 2 = 10 

10 Burpees 



Cooter took us with a prayer remembering John Jenkins, Laettner’s M, Dance Hall’s M, Creflo and Holiday and others.  

Thanks to those that HC’d so I knew I wouldn’t be alone. It is always a humbling experience to lead the men of F3. We should continue to EH new members and remind past members what they are missing. Do your Q a favor and HC. It’s so easy even Ricardo can do it. 

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